Thursday, September 29, 2005

Day 2 almost done

Well, things here are going well. I am more or less settled in my room, which consists of a bed, desk, armoir, dresser, tv, closet, 2 shelves, a mini fridge, microwave, hotplate, sink, beday(one of those things to wash your bum...dont ask, i dont know why). Not too shabby. I need to find posters though to cover the walls, i wish i got some of my pictures printed before i came :( i mean, i have some, but not some of the ones i want. The bed is SOOOO HARD. I dont know how I am going to deal with that for 7 months. I didnt sleep that great until i took gravol. I slept till almost 2 when I was awoke by the phone in the hall ringing. It was Manola, the English teacher who has been helping me settle in. She had 30minutes free so we went to see about getting my "carte de séjour" (resident card for all those non frenchies). We got it started, but I need a few things and to go back tomorrrow. I also got all these papers to fill out, but i dont know how. :( I hqve to ask Manola tomorrow. I went into town to the tourism office and then to the grocery store and bought a few things. I still need more but its heavy to carry things. I may return tomorrow to get beverages. On Saturday I will go to the market downtown and then to Manolas for an apperatif(cocktail??). I dont know what else I'm going to do. I will start in the classroom on Monday, just observation for the first week and then i will be teaching myself. AHHHH! I have spent a lot of time online, because I have access and not much else to do. I should really spend more time walking around town. This weekend I will. I dont know if I already said this, but in the spring it looks like I will most likely be going to London England on a class trip. They need 4 chaperones, so I will get to be one. Supposedly all the boys were happy the assistant is a girl. haha. I am looking into getting involved in some activites around here to keep myself occupied. I think I will start swimming, because the pool is right next door. And Im going to find out about other activities around town. Hopefully I fine dome. It is kind of lonely around here because I dont really know anyone, and there isnt really anyone my age either, atleast that i know of. I will discover more as time goes on. Next week I will spend a couple nights in Chateauroux, the bigger city about 1hour on the bus. We have our orientation at Chateau de Chambord. That'll be nice because I'll get to meet other people in the area. Yipee! It'll be like meeting instant friends, hahah. Well, I should probably go eat some dinner here. It is almost 9 now. Miss everyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erin....I want to be in France! How fun!

We could send you a big poster of the family for your walls! ha!

Chat soon!

11:41 AM  

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