Friday, September 30, 2005


Well, I just had the longest freakin post and lost 90% of it. I am so pissed off right now, because I dont want to rewrite it all, I'm so sad. This is only a quarter of it. The window closed and when I copied it, for some reason I only got this. Way to ruin my day. I am going to post this now, go eat and I will probably return to finish it. Grrrr I am so angryy

Well, I find myself yet again at the keyboard. I have spent a lot of time here, and Im sure that as time progresses and I meet people, I will not spend as much time here. Sorry :P Anyway, today I got up at 930 opposed to the 2pm yesterday. I got a phone call at around 950 that Jean Pierre (one of the teachers) wanted me to meet him in the teachers lounge at 1020. So I met him there and then Manola came too. I finished filling out all my papers and took them to the secretary. I also met a German girl who is an "au pair" in town for the local préfat(in english, i dont know...some administrative person). I dont know how old she is but probably about my age and also looking for people to associate with. She came here to meet ppl. I will join her tomorrow night around 9 when she will meet with some students at the local pub. That will be nice for both of us i think. After I went to town with JP for him to get a couple things and then we had lunch in the caf....not the best of food I tell ya. A whole lot of mush! Whatever, its food right?!? From there we met with Olivier and looked at my schedule for the year, shouldnt be too bad.


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