Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm still alive...

Well it has been ages since I posted. My life has not been overly busy, hence the lack of writing. The big reason is that I have been lazy.
So, the month of February. I worked 3 weeks. Classes went well. I had met a new prof at "jury", a meeting thing deciding on the whether students pass or not (French school system is wierd) in January. He invited me to dinner one night with some friends. Nice to meet his friends and hang out with new people. I also met someone off couchsurfing who just moved to Mulhouse. Went out for a drink one evening.
I finished classes on the 23rd for holidays. Yes, again! I headed to Bernards for 10 days. Always nice to see him. Met up with a couple friends at the Londons on the first Saturday. Bernard and I had a few drinks and were feeling "joyeux"(tipsy). Sunday we went for a small hike with friends, it was rainy. Then had them and another couple over for the "apero". Tuesday we went to Remi's for dinner. It was a nice evening. I miss having Remi around. He is a sweetheart and good friend. I got a cold while there which sucks. Met Bernard for lunch and went to the movies on Thrusday, saw a cute french film, Michou d'Auber and saw La Mome on Saturday. On Sunday we headed off to Paris, Bernard started his "stage" (training) on Monday. We decided to go up the Eiffel Tour as it was a nice day. Then we met Lindsay (Gresko) and Thomas for dinner. It was great to see her again. We will have to do it again. Still waiting to hear about the transfer...both positive. Off to Czech this afternoon....


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