Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vive les vacances

Les vacances....well, I am currently at Bernards place in La Châtre. I got here on Friday night with Jenn after a terribly long train ride. For some reason it seemed longer than usual and the train stations in Paris were crazy, not to mention the metro. Saturday we went to the city to a couple stores and I ended up buying jeans(which need to be hemmed) and a sweater. That night we went where else but the London's Club. Yea, not a lot of places to go to here in town, I like it. Sunday we headed to SuperBesse, the mountains, about 2.5hours south of here. The weather was nice and sunny once we got up there. There were lots of people for Christmas Eve(the big meal). We ate well, fois-gras(pan fried), turbo(fish), deer(cerf), cheese and bûche de noël. Oh I can't forget the wine. After dinner there was some dancing, though Jenn was tired and went to bed....mind you we didn't finish dinner till after midnight. The next day we slept in and woke up to a beautifully warm sunny Christmas day. We had a nice lunch before heading home. Wish we could have stayed up in the mountains because the weather was so much nicer up there....heading down we ran into fog...grey skies....blah.
Jenn headed back to Mulhouse yesterday and Bernard and I went to his sisters for the apéro. They got me a cute little bracelet. Really sweet of them. Today Bernard is working, and I'm being lazy around the house....actually now waiting for Bernard to get home...he should have been here 45minutes ago....his nieces and mom came by this afternoon, Melodie got an mp3 player but there computer is from the stoneage and doesnt have a USB plug so came over here to do some downloading and whatnot. Nice to have some company.
We leave for Spain on Saturday morning and get back on Tuesday afternoon. Next Wednesday we will go over to Manolas for raclette!!! Mmmmm. Although the night is going to be English, as Nicole(the new assistant at the highschool) and her boyfriend will be there, Bernard says we can't pass up a raclette. This is'd be crazy to do such a thing. Plus it will get him a little prepped for his English "stage" (training course) which starts on the 8th.
Well, I'm going to get going here. I'm getting a little hungry....and I need to get ready as we are going to a movie with the nieces tonight.
Take care everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!
Finally, he's home!!!!


Blogger Ashpanash said...

OMg than the lord i was not in France for Christmas... I dont think i could have lived through that dinner you explained!!! lol
Hope all is well and you are having tons of fun at Bernards!

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Erin - your sis here! It sounds like all you do is eat raclette - I'm surprised you could find jeans to fit..ha ha! Just joking!

Love ya

12:15 PM  

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