Monday, January 22, 2007


Well, it has been quite some time since I have written, and no it's not because my life has been uncontrolably busy. I just have not taken the time.
Anyway, I was walking home from downtown this afternoon when I saw there were buds on bushes and small trees and that some of them were even flowering. That is just crazy....nature is playing tricks on nature really. I am beginning to wonder what is going to happen come spring....
Well, on to my little life. What has been going on in the past 2 weeks you may wonder. Last weekend (12th-14th) Ashlie came to visit me. Jenn and I went to Strasbourg on the Friday shopping (the "soldes" have begun!) and then I met Ashlie at the station. On our way home from there we stopped in Colmar for a little tour before Mulhouse. That night we did not get upto much and nor did we on Saturday...though that night we had a little tartiflette for dinner and then a couple bottles of wine with Jenn. Discovered that on our "freebox" (tv, but not regular tv) we get a karaoke channel although my tv is a hunk of junk and the picture is not that clear we sang along to a few of the great songs. We headed to "Salle des Coffres", the local club around midnight to dance the night away. It was a blast of a night.
Right now there is quite a bit of change happening here in Mulhouse. For me atleast. Upon returning home from my Christmas vacation my roomate told me that she would be going home (2 weeks later) due to health reasons. Well, that 2 weeks later is tomorrow. I am going to find myself all alone in this great big apartment. :( And when I say big, I mean BIG! I am sad to see her go. It's going to be so quiet here, even though she was not the loudest of people. My bedroom is currently upstairs. I am going to be moving downstairs into Beccas room because it is easier, with the bathroom just across the hall, no stairs and no slanted ceiling for me to hit my head on. Plus there is a big desk and a big armoir, which is better than in my room...I am not sure at the moment whether I will be getting a new roomate or not...we will see.
I guess that is all the news for now, though I can't remember if I told everyone that I am staying on for a second year here at the IUT, so I will be here in Mulhouse atleast until the summer of 2008. If anyone wants to visit, you know where to find me, and for the moment I definitely have lots of space. Even with a roomie there is lots of space.
I am headed back to Bernards on Thursday for a week or so...hopefully this long distance business will be over soon.....


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