Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good weekend away!!

Well, this past weekend I went on a little adventure. I left Thursday night on a train to Paris at 1h30. I met Ashlie and Melissa(her roomate) in Paris to get on the bus to the airport. We were headed to Bratislava....Eurotrip. So we arrived there around noon on Friday. We got on a city bus and headed into the city....the outskirts of the city were a little sketchy, though we did see an IKEA and a huge mall.
We got to the city and headed straight to the hostel to drop off our stuff and then head out to see the city. We didn't have a lot of time to see it as we were headed to Vienna the following day. It was a nice city with lots of nice buildings and a castle. It would have been nice to see more,but time constraints. I tried some typical Slovakian food, and it was really good!!! Found that food was really cheap there, though converting from the Slovakian Crown to the euro was a pain. 35SKK to 1 euro. That evening we went to the store, TESCO(huge place) and bought some booze. I opted for vodka and split the bottle with Melissa. We got 2 litres of OJ with that and it cost us about 210SKK, about 6 euros($8.70CAD)....too many conversions there. haha.
We went back to the hostel and ended up playing a drinking game "I never". It was quite amusing and we all ended up getting pretty drunk. We were getting ready to go out when Melissa was sick. We got her all set up in bed with a bucket and bags beside her and Ashlie and I still went out. (is that mean?). We were going to go to a club though we decided not cost 200SKK into town we went. We stopped to get our photo take with a statue, as they were everywhere in town. Some random Slovakian guy took our picture and ended up coming out for a drink with us at the Irish pub. After chatting for a bit he told us that he was looking for women to have sex with....well that sure was NOT us. We finished our drinks, paid and went on our way. He wanted to pay for ours, though we thought it was better for us to pay for his than have him expect something later. Some wierd people out there...
Saturday morning we got up bright and early to get the bus to Vienna. Dropped our stuff at the hostel and off we went. Had little time compared to what there is to see there. We got to see a lot though I think we could have spent another entire day atleast. We didn't do much that night as we were all pretty tired. On Sunday Ashlie and Melissa had to leave to catch a flight, leaving me all alone... :( Haha. I looked around the city a little more before heading back to Brat. I ended up sleeping in the airport that night as my flight was at 6am and it didn't seem worth it to me to get a hostel. It wasn't too bad. A very small airport.
I got home Monday morning. Quite tired, but satisfied with my trip.
Well, that is all the travels for now....need to find another one I think :)


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