Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wonderful visit!!!

Well, I was finally able to welcome Bernard to my place. It seems I am always at his, though it is true. Not like I really had much of a place last year and it is the first time he has been able to make it over to the East. That's what happens with a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job. He finally got here on Friday night, almost midnight...stupid mappy made him take a wrong turn and end up lost like 5 minutes from my house. Sitting around waiting is definitely not fun.
So Saturday we had to get up bright and early as the stupid guy was coming to work on the balcony, which is conveniently off my room. So....8h30 up we get. It was a beautifully warm day so we walked into town for the afternoon. I showed him a bit of the city and we went to the Christmas market and some of the shops. We ate some yummy Alsacian food..mmmm. That night we were having raclette at my place with a few friends. It was fun to go out and get all the food and to get all organised for it.
We enjoyed some nice rum punch and little bite size appetizers for the "apéro", before getting into the RACLETTE!!! (see photos in previous post) It was a very enjoyable evening with the beaujolais nouveau and some delicious cake and sparkling wine to top it all off.
Some of us decided we would head to Emma and Davids for schnapps before heading to "Les Salles des Coffres"(club). It was a super warm night out so we didn't take our coats. It was an interesting night that included Bernard finding a native headdress on the floor. He thought it would be fun to put it on, get up on the blocks and dance....he sure did it....even made it on the clubs site.
(photo does not want to upload....sorry)
Sunday we were both pretty exhausted from the late night clubbing that we didn't do too much. Ended up going to the Electricity museum not far from my house. Thay was about it. On Monday we headed up to Strasbourg. It was again a very nice, mild day. And on the way home we stopped in Colmar. It's no good that it gets dark so early. Anyway, I drove a little stick, and even on the highway! YEAH ME!!! I wasn't that bad.
Tuesday we headed off to Bale(Switzerland) as it's only 30 km from here. I drove. I didn't know that you don't have to stop at customs unless they tell you to stop, so I did anyway. Well, perfect...I ended up stalling the car twice infront of the guy and had him ask me if I really had a drivers licence. embarrassing. I made it into town and to the parking garage, though ended up having to take 3 tickets because I stalled the car and the bar went down. Oh Erin!!! Good for some laughs. We ate some good sausages for lunch and then had a nice apple strudle(thoug it was more pie like) with a great hot chocolate that had tons of whipped cream on top. Before heading back to Mulhouse we made a little detour to Freiburg. We really just checked out the Christmast market, ate Striebel(like funnel cake) and some other German food. It was a nice day and funny that we were actually in 3 countries.
Bernard left yesterday, Wednesday. I had class at 14h00 and that's when he went on his way. Sad to see him leave. We had a really good visit, though it was not long enough. Anyway, I'm going to leave it at this for now...bedtime for me.


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