Thursday, July 26, 2007

Too long....

It has been well over since I posted...I know, I'm a slacker. I thought about writing on many occasions, but either got side tracked or was just plain lazy. So here I am now...

Where did I leave off....I hadn't even finished classes at work. I still had almost 2 weeks before I finished work and had to pack up and move out. Classes ended well for the most part. For those that bothered to come to class, they were lucky enough to enjoy some of my wonderful chocolate chip cookies!!! Some kids came just for that. :) I went to their end of year party the Thursday before I had to move out and it was a fun night. I didn't really expect to stay out for long, but I did. I think I got home that night at 5, or close to. It was mainly first years though there was a group of second years. It was a lot of fun.

The weekend before leaving I had a little shindig at my place. One last bang before heading off for the summer. We had a potluck and then some predrink before hitting up Salle. There were about 10 of us. Way too much food that I ended having to give bunches away and eating tons myself. Delicious food, great people and some booze! What more can you ask for??! Well, I know one thing that was missing at that night of fun....Bernie!!! We headed to the Salle for one last night on the town. Jenn and I always have a blast there.

I headed off to La Chatre on Saturday the 30th after doing the "Etat des lieux" with the landlord...wasn't that great...still trying to get that all worked out. Things didn't end so well there which is a pain, but with the help of my little Frenchman (I guess he isn't really little) we will get things worked out and get back what is ours.

I spent 2 weeks at Bernards before heading home. We had a party with friends and some family at this park. It is more or less private as it is owned by his work. We had a BBQ and drinks and lots of fun. We camped out there for the night. Great night with everyone dressed up in costumes of some sort.

We also headed to Auvergne, the mountains for a couple days to get away. We camped in some farmers field. It was a little adventure!! Good fun. Getting us ready for our trip at the end of the summer to Croatia. I can't wait for that....

So, home in Canada. It's been nice to see the family and some friends. Got to spend the weekend with my sister and her little family. I babysat little Paige for a night in Ottawa.

Not too much excitement is happening here. I will try and get back into the habit of writing on this silly thing again.


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WE NEED AN UPDATE!!!!!!!!! you havent been online and im missing you!!!

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