Monday, March 12, 2007

Back from the East

Well, a little travel is always fun....but coming home sick isn't.
Got back from Prague on Saturday. Jenn and I flew out Monday afternoon spent the first night in Prague. We did a little tour of the city by night then headed south to Cesky Krumlov early the next morning. I was told that it was a great place to visit. It was a nice town, though we visited in the wrong season. Should return in the summer. We were going to stay 2 nights because we though we would want more time. But the castle was closed as was the theatre so we decided to head back to Prague. It's a very out outdoorsy place. Lots of hiking and I think it would be great once it warms up a little. We weren't the brightest and paid for the two nights right away. After deciding we were leaving the next day we had to argue for our money back. We learnt our lesson and paid night by night in Prague.
Back in Prague. We had a blast. Met lots of people. Did get to go out on the town a couple nights. It's very cheap there which is great. Beers cost maybe 1 euro in the bars/clubs, and that was for 500mL. Vodka was cheap too, as long as you didn't want juice with it. Haha! We went out both Wednesday and Thursday night. I woke Friday with a cold and a sore body. I didn't go out to the club on Friday with Jenn. I got to meet a really sweet French couple (Sylvain and Anais)earlier in the week and went out with them for dinner to a Czech restaurant. It was quite interesting that they were seating us at a table (not a very big one) that already had 4 people sitting at it (and they were not all together). We sit down and one group of two was just finishing up. They left and we were left with some Frenchies, sort of ironic. A mother and her son. It's wierd that they seat you with random people, but a neat and different experience. We had a nice evening. Once back at the hostel I met a Bulgarian artist. He was doing some body art on Anais and then on me. Sylvain who is also an artist drew a portrait of me. It was a really nice evening. Different from the rest of the week, but it is contacts like these that really mark you.
Saturday we did one last morning out in the city before taking off to the airport. Good trip!!!
Not a good return, although I thought getting some rest and sleep I would feel better, boy was I wrong. I was up sick Saturday night, not fun. Jenn came over yesterday to make me some soup. I lied around all day, and did my lesson planning. Unfortunately this morning when I woke up I really did not feel well at all. I had to call in sick to school. I hate doing that, though I think it was good as it forced me to go to the doctor as I had to get an "arret de travail" (doctors letter). Turns out I have tonsillitis, or something along the lines of it. I'm feeling better now. This "arret de travail" in mandatory when sick, and it only allows you to leave your home between certain hours. Mine were 14h00 to 17h00. Outside of those hours, there is a possibility that someone comes by your house to verify that you are there (and sick).
When I got home today I had a good email waiting. Bernard got a call today from a place he applied about an hour from here and he has an interview Wednesday morning. So tomorrow afternoon he will be headed here, arriving in the evening and spend the night here. Wednesday i will head back with hime to La Chatre as I am off till Monday.
Three and a half weeks till we are home!!!! Can't wait....counting down.
Well, dinner is ready......take care


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