Friday, September 30, 2005

Here is the rest...yeah!

I am in my room now and it is weird typing on an English keyboard again. Haha! I guess i was starting to get used to the French one. I thought I’d write this blog from my room while watching TV...NCIS dubbed in French. I will take this on a disk downstairs in a little while. I hope I don’t get in trouble because I kept the key so that I could go back on the net instead of putting it in the mailbox. I don’t see why i would get in trouble. If they say anything, I’ll just say I didn’t know any better. Should work. :) So where did I leave off?
I think I left off, well, didn’t “leave off” per say, but got cut off. Anyway, I think it was just after the part about my schedule not being too bad. So after talking in the teachers lounge I went to 2 classes with JP. They were alright, JP had them ask me questions by writing some prompts on the board (Why; Where; How long; Have you ever; Have you got; etc). It took awhile for the students to get started. It was a little frustrating on my part because I was just standing in front of the class waiting. I have to remember when i am by myself that I can only speak English. The first class was good, once they got started it wasn’t bad. Some of them really didn’t say much at all, but there were some that just kept going. There were some funny things said and it was good in that sense. I want to have fun with them, and not just be schoolish. I asked them if they knew any Canadian/American bands and the first one said was some Quebec French band that I didn’t know. Oh well, then someone said Red Hot Chili Peppers. That’s more like it. Hehe. One of the girls actually said Nickelback. YEAH CANADA!!!!! I was excited for that, I know I’m a nerd. Anyway, in the second class someone said Sum 41. I get excited about Canada, it’s funny. Anyway, the second class was better with the music groups. Other ones they said were System of a Down, Green Day, Slipknot. I can’t remember what else, but JP was talking about getting some of the music to and me and some of the students were laughing about him really not like some of those, like System. Haha. The subject of internet came up, and obviously with me, MSN. At the end of the first class 2 of the students came up to me and asked me if they could have my MSN address. I was excited. They are actually interested. Yipee!!! It is going to be interesting because at times it’s like pulling teeth with them. And when I come into class and have my Canada flag pins, I know some of them are going to look at me thinking “why the hell would I want this” and others will be excited about it. I guess that is just normal. I am looking forward to doing things on my own a bit though because I find there are differences in our school systems. Looking at the students reminds me of so much. It reminds me of highschool, and even moreso reminds me of when I was in highschool in France. I don’t know if I remember well or not, but I think our teaching system is not as strict and more “fun”. I mean, the teachers were more laid back I feel. Maybe I am wrong about it, that’s just how I remember it. Hehe.
Alright, enough about my time in the class room. On the way out I met one of the English teachers from the professional/technical school that is kind of part of the one I am at, so I will be at both. She invited me to go for lunch at her place on Sunday for lunch. So she will pick me up here at noon. I feel like I am imposing on people but I have to get that thought out of my head because they are inviting me. So I have that on Sunday.
After that I hit up the library where the computers are supposed to be better than the ones I have been using, which I have to say is true, although no CD burner that I saw. I’ll just have to upload all my pics, or email them home. I guess that is easy with the hotmail limit now. Anyway, when I went in I didn’t know if I could just use the internet so I wanted to ask the librarian. She was with a teacher and her class, I think her name is Pascal, I better remember as I will be going with her to Chateauroux next week. Anyway, she said the librarian that I was the assistant Canadian and all the people in her class were trying to look at me. Haha. When they were all leaving the library a bunch of people said things to me in English, and some of the boys kept saying “call me” and signaling the phone to their ear. It was quite amusing.
I headed out to town after walked around a little more and went to the grocery store to grab a few things. I forgot rice though. Grrr. Anyway, after that I went to a store to check out about getting myself a cell phone. Anyway, I wanted to come check something and I want to check with Manola with regards to company and whatnot but I will most likely get it tomorrow. WOOHOO!!! The only thing I will have to get still will be a straightener seeing as mine doesn’t work here. I mean, everything else works with the converter except that. I don’t know.
Tonight, I am not doing too much. Just relaxing. Tomorrow I will head downtown to the market and then I will meet JP at 11 for coffee with him and his wife. I will then go to Manola’s at noon for lunch. Tomorrow night I believe I already said that I will be going out with Stephanie, the German girl.
Looks like it should be a decent weekend. I am just going to watch some TV, head down post this and maybe chat for a little while online. Provided I can get on.:)
Ok, so this post is getting long, I am super sorry. :P but hey...
Right now I seem to be spending a lot of time online, but I’m sure once I get to know some people I wont be spending as much time sitting on the computer. Who knows though. Also once I get settled I will get to traveling a little bit, I think that will be fun. People are starting to talk about what they are doing for our holidays which are in 22day. 3 weeks. Woohoo! And then not even 3 weeks after that I will have visitors. Yipee!!! And then 3 weeks after that holidays again. This is the life!!!! Anyway, i’m going to head downstairs. Take care, keep in touch!


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