Friday, November 25, 2005

Oh Happy Day...Oh Happy Days!! (sung)

Well, Friday night, up late, should get to bed! But the last few days...Wednesday night I headed to the city because Thursday I had a type of seminar, workshop, info session with a bunch of other english assistants. I was dreading it beacause the last one did not turn out to be soooo productive. I am happy to say that this day was a success! I am so glad I was there. I got so many great lesson ideas and it was great to meet people and hear their stories. It was a great day, plus we got out early! To top it off, THANKSGIVING!!! Ok, well, american thanksgiving, but thanksgiving nonetheless. We had a big meal at caitlin & jess's with turkey and mashed potatoes. That wasnt all though. TONS of great food and even biscuits! Homeade ones! Lots of dessert too. What is the one thing that seems missing in this picture! Wine, wine wine! It was just a blast. There were about 18 of us there and even drew hand turkeys. haha. The only two downsides to the couple days away were that when i took the bus all the way to this store on the otherside of town to get a cheap dvd player, I was told (even though the model # matched the one on the internet to the one in the store) they hadnt gotten the cheap ones in yet. Uggh, oh well! The second thing is the bus schedule homme to la chatre to be there for my 930 class. Well, lets look at the options, considering it is a 45minute ride, first one at 625am and next one at 10am. Well, looks like Im shit out of luck...625 it is!
Once I got home, after my 4.5 hours of sleep, unlike what most people would do, I didnt go back to bed. I thought about it for a second, but I was just so eager to make my lesson plan so much better than what i had. So there I started working away on my lessons to make them better. I dont know what happened, but something at that seminar mad me really want to be a good assistant. I want the kids to enjoy coming to my class though it can be hard at times. And yes there are my bad days, but I really do love it here. This day just made me realise things and Im glad I was there.
I am very happy, and todays classes were great! Woot, got love france, and saying "kisses" at the end of converstaions, phone calls, emails etc! Caitlin and I decided we would try and take this back home with us, but dont think that it'll fly that well back home. Hehe
Tonight i want to the movies, saw "Les chevaliers du ciel" a french film. I enjoyed though I think I missed a few things. Tomorrow laundry and to someones for dinner. Then Sunday, working on lesson plans. I know it sounds so fun! :p
I was thinking today, and if anyone is insterested in sending something, here is a suggestion, a mixed cd of some good tunes, new old whatever. Would love to hear some good music.
I hope everyone is doing well, 3 weeks till Christmas holidays for me! Meeting up with Mitsuko(from Japan) in Paris and then heading to Spain for 10days before heading back to Paris to meet up with Darcie! Its going to be a great holiday!
Keep in touch, and feel free to write whenever!
I forgot this, on my the way to the movie it looked like it was snowing, the melt when it hits the ground type. Snow nonetheless, I was happy. And on my way home I saw a car pass that had snow on the hood!!! Woot woot...
To make life even better, in 3 weeks I am on holidays!!!
***oh, sidenote*** it is 230am here and im still up. I just got a phone call, and I really didnt realize who it was at first but i know who it was. One of the guys I met in Poitiers a few weeks ago. We have sent some texts, but nice of him to call!
Anyway, holidays in 3weeks, Ill be heading to Paris to meet Mitskuko(from Japan) for the weekend before I fly out to Spain where I will spend 10 days before I meet Darcie in Paris! I cant wait for the holidays, should be a great time!!!


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