Wednesday, November 09, 2005

a little good...a little bad

Ugh....i have to really learn to just write my bloody blog and post it and not do other things. I just lost my long post because of that. So bitter. Anyway, I hope i can remember everything.
So I came back in here after dinner to find another person in here, with the lights. So I didnt want to turn them on although it would be a lot better for my poor little eyes.
So, another week is almost done. Friday is a stat holiday, a holiday similar to our remembrance day and no school. Who can complain! I have one class tomorrow at 930 with students I dont know. Its my first time with this class and with this teacher, so I really dont know what he is expecting. I forgot that they dont have school in the afternoons on Wednesday(today) so I didnt come down till late and I missed seeing him to ask. I guess I'll just prep something. Intros will be the first thing on my list. hehe
So Monday I only ended up having 2 hours of class. The first hour just 4 students and the second a full class. They both went pretty well, but not amazing. That day will be a BIG post. Tuesday, yesterday, I had also 2 hours. I started at 830 and my first class was 4 boys from Terminale STT which is like our grade 12, and if Im not mistaken, STT is some scientific/technological direction. (man, i want to stop for a minute and do something else, i think i am a little ADD, but i have to keep myself writing till im done) Anyway, this class went really well. The boys actually worked well and were willing to try and speak English. I loved it. We had some funny moments, like I handed them a blank piece of paper which I do with all the classes which I was not given a class list for and asked them to write their names. One of the guys either didnt hear or was confused about what i was asking. One of the others joked and said his address, and then I said actually, I want to get your phone numbers. haha, we had a good laugh over that one. The second hour, 930 class, class of 2nde, our grade 10, was not as good. They were not at all motivated and when I gave them a little bit of work to do, some of them didnt do it, so I tried to put them on the spot.
I ran into their teacher today and we got chatting. First about the 830 class, and he said they had enjoyed the hour and they are pretty keen on coming back again. haha. The prof actually said he is going to send the ones that want to go because there seem to be some that really dont care to go. Oh well, Id rather have the keen ones. And then about the 930 class, he said to give him what we worked on in class so he can kind of grill them on what we did. Unfortunately, I didnt do a whole lot that day in class. Oops, oh well, next time I will. hehe.
Oh...yesterday at lunch in the canteen, Guillaume, remember the teacher that gave me his number and I found a little creepy, came in and sat down. I just tried to ignore him. He really didnt say much to me. I didnt want to look at him for fear of catching eyes and him saying something about getting together. Either he got the point, or he didnt say anything because there were other teachers around. Oh well, coast is clear for now!
Darn...there was something else that now I am forgetting. That is so frusterating.
Monday night I went to the movies. I was going to go Sunday, but it ended up being Monday. I saw "Don't Come Knocking" which was in English with subtitles. I was debating going to see one tonight, but I will wait till Monday I think. I am going to go atleast once a week I think, and I think its better if I see movies in French. We'll see what happens.
Oh for those of you that have been watching the news as was brought up in a comment, alot has been happening in France. No need to worry to much about me here. Things in my little town seem to be pretty quiet. One good thing about the small town I guess.
I remember now!!!! WOOT! So I got a letter today telling me when my medical appointment is. I have to go to Chateauroux next Tuesday morning for it. Yes, I get to take my shirt off(and bra) for the Xray technician and him alone. No other person in the room....thats further than I will have gotten in a long time. haha, hope he's cute. Ok, Im just kidding. Hehe!
I looked at the calander today because I feel like Christmas holidays are so far away. They arent really, only 5 weeks. And then I counted my hours and if I wasnt mistaken, I only have 40hours. haha! I wish I could just do all of those in one week and get them done, but things dont work that way here.
I am looking to head south for Christmas. And south for me is not the Carribean, but SPAIN!!! I think that is looking like where I will end up. Should be good . Cant wait. But even more so, cant wait till next weekend when Lindsay & Rich get here!!! It'll be so nice to see a part of home. Woohoo!
I guess this is enough for now, I should get movin on to a few other things here. Hope everyone is well. If you are interested in seein pics just ask and I'll hook you up, miss you all


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey you,
i definately want to see some pics. so why are you having xrays taken??? nothing tooo serios i hope. i am glad to hear that you are safe and away from all the excitement over there.
thats exciting that rich and linds are coming next weekend. your parents get home tomorrow evening, and that you are heading to spain for your holidays. your guys are all always on the move eh? hehe i am soo jealous.
anyways i should get to head, but i cant wait to see those pics

1:10 AM  
Blogger Samantha said...

Be glad you get to be alone with the x-ray medical exam was in a shady looking "cabinet", with an even shadier looking technician. I had to undress in front of him (no paper gowns for the French!), and then the exam continued with the office door open, so that everyone who walked by could see me topless smashed up against an x-ray machine attached to the wall. I was traumatized for weeks afterwards!

7:39 AM  

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