Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Got a new pillow, yipee!!!

Ok, so yea, highlight of my day is getting a new pillow. Well, last night I was ill (Caitlin makes fun of me because I say ill alot now instead of sick...i think its the frenchies rubbing off on me because the other day the teacher said ill, anyway). I think I ate something that didnt agree with me last night because around 3am I was up and not feeling sooo hot. And then again around 430. Ugh, not a good night, did NOT get much sleep at all and then had to get my ass out of bed around 730 to catch the bus at 808 to go to the city for my medical. This is not because I am sick for those of you askin, it is a routine thing in order to get your resident permit here. So off I went, got my xrays done, which after hearing peoples horror stories were perfectly fine. Had a woman technician to my xrays and everyone was super nice. Even got to keep the xray as a souvenir. Has my name on it, the time and place it was done. Pretty cool! hehe!
Why did I buy a new pillow and why is it sooo exciting?? Well, the one provided to me is like a roll. Similar to a tube, about 12inches in diametre and 2.5/3feet long. Not the most comfy thing.
So this past weekend i ended up findin myself out on a little road trip with Lucy and Neha! Lucy has a car which is a HUGE bonus around here. We headed out Friday morning to Tours, stopped in Loches a nice little town and then spent a couple hours in Tours. Not really site seeing there, but shopping. No I didnt buy anything there. Late afternoon we headed out to Poitiers. That night we were going to grab a drink then head to dinner, but dinner did not quite happen. We ended up staying in the bar we were at for quite awhile. Lucy and I got a pitcher for 7euros!!! Woooo! Then we got another beer and a shot for 2.50euros. They had holiday specials on. It was good. We then headed out to a couple other places forgeting about dinner as it was about 1030 when we left the first place. We had a good night got a little drunk when we got home we pigged out on what was supposed to be breakfast, as well as the handfulls of candy we took from the reception basket. The next morning Neha and I slept late while Lucy went to meet her boyfriend and his parents for lunch. Neha and I did a LITTLE tour of the city and then got some lunch. We met back up with Lucy did a little shopping and then decided to dye my hair. Anyone want to guess what colour???? I stained the hotel towel because after 40 minutes in the shower the colour still wasnt all out. I dont get it. Anyway, we headed out to grab food, which didnt really happened as planned. We got fries at some little kebab place and ate them while enjoying our bottles of booze from the grocery store, in the streets. Then we went across the street to the bar to meet up with Kim and another girl, Lucys friends. We had a drink, played some pool, that lasted a good 40minutes and then went to another bar to meet up with Kims husband and friends. FRENCH PEOPLE!!!! WOOOOO!
When we first got there all these guys didnt seem tooo receptive to us. That changed. They were all super nice and made a huge effort to chat with all of us. It was really nice. They eventually started buying us our drinks instead of us buying them, which I wont complain about and then one of them bought a bottle of vodka and caramel syrup for shots. Ohla, trouble. So there we started....vodka caramel shots(i thought they were quite tastey) and beer, with the previous 750ml bottle of smirnoff ice. Ugh, not a big fan of that.
So we stayed there quite late and the ladies wanted to go to Quick(which is like McDonalds) for food and then home. All the guys were going to some club and I wanted to go dance. So I piled into this teeny car lying across all their laps on the way to the club. Oh how I dont like cars when drunk. NO I was NOT sick! So we got there, I checked my coat AND purse because I wasnt aloud to take it in with me. So there I was taking all my bank cards/credit cards French and Canadian out of my wallet. People were looking at me asking what I was doing....sorry, I dont trust it. Off we went into the first room of the club. I was soooo excited to dance. These guys were so nice and took care of me. Asked if I wanted a drink, which I said "Ill just take a glass of water please" (probably the best thing I did all weekend). We ventured over to the second room and then back to the first. It was sooo much fun. Outside with one of the guys, he found 5euros on the ground and gives it to me. I was like buddy, you found it. But he insisted he makes more money than I do so I got 5euros. I met some random guy outside and talked for about 2minutes and exchanged #s, I will most likely never see this guy again, and i cant even confirm 100% if he was really that cute. Then getting my coat back there was a REALLY cute guy that I chatted with. That one i know for sure was cute. Oh well, off we went to Quick at 430am, me lying across the laps. I really didnt want to go there, but i didnt have a lot of choice. And then after they got there food we went back to this one guys place. All I wanted to do was sleep. Oh well, he had THE CUTEST dog EVER! I fell in love instantly. I wanted to take him home with me. I had him climb up on my lap with me and sit. We were soo cute!! haha
Finally around 530 we headed out. They drove me home where I crashed and had to be up at ugh....1030. I was pretty hungover that morning, but not as bad as someone else who was sick....
It was good times. Tonight, it will be an early one. Still catching up from the weekend and after last night, Im even more tired. Keep sendin the emails, love hearing from you guys!


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hey erin...sounds like an awesome night(s) out...Im so glad you are having a good time down there in the "french desert" as it is known up here in the north. I love your new hair colour too!!! k keep partyin' hard and have a great weekend!!! by the way, its crystal...had to publish under anonymous..no idea why, but the computer wont accept my password

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