Sunday, November 06, 2005

Back to life

Just finishing my first weekend after the holidays. I had 3 classes on Friday and they all seemed to pretty well. I was happy with them. I headed into the city early afternoon and met up with some other assistants. We went to another town, Le Blanc, where Lucy lives for the night. We had a nice big dinner and then watched a movie had some wine and enjoyed a girls night. It was fun. The next day before heading straight back to the city we checked out a couple cute little towns including St Gaultier and Argenton Sur Creuse. Had dinner at Rosy's and some drinks then went to this "African" dance show. That was different and neat. And here I am back in town debating on what I will do with my lessons this week, though I have an idea and I think I will go see a movie (Wallace & Gromit) tonight in town. I sent a text to Steph, but havent heard back. That's not till 830 though. Just going to finish up some laundry now and relax. We have Friday off this week, some stat holiday so that will be nice. Got to love the French holidays!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey cunner...all we hear about over here in canada on the news is the riots in aren't burning any cars are ya? whats going on? they have put up travel warnings for careful...apparently there is going to be a curfew? stay safe dude and let us know whats going on!
ps. i too am jealous. postin the pics of you and the beers was just salt on the wounds......hehehe j/k keep havin fun....GO SEE nddp!!!!!

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