Sunday, November 06, 2005

Trip Part 2

Alright, so back to the trip. The morning after our night out in Köln we wanted to get up for the breakfast which was served 7 - 10. It didn't work out as planned. There was no way I was getting out of bed for it, although we tried. We managed to get moving by 11 or 11:30. We grabbed some food and headed to the cathedral to take a look. Oh man, what an impressive place. If I am not mistaken it is the tallest in Germany. Feeling a little hungover, I thought we would take the day easy. That was the plan. While walking through we saw a sign for the tower. Only 1euro to go up. "What a deal!!!" Well, not thinking we started our trek up. Maybe 5minutes in I was not sure if it was good idea. I think Olivia's thoughts were similar to mine. We eventually made it to the top. My legs were sore and I was regretting not having my water bottle with me. I was really glad that we made the climb though because it was amazing up there. The view of the city and to think that we were up in the top of the tower. Over 500 steps to get there. That was krazy. It being Sunday, there was not tons of stuff open. I didnt mind. We toured around town looking at all the different monument/architecture around town. There is so much history and it is nice city. Our last stop was the "chocolate" museum. For all of you who know me well, you know that I would NOT miss this. Oh man, it was great. Not enough samples though. haha
We stopped somewhere for dinner. We were both very thirsty and although we know it is usually cheapest to order beer over here, we wanted water. Not bottled, just tap, but that we did NOT get. We got a half litre bottle of water that ended up costing 5.50 euros. OMG....thats like 8CAD. NOT cool. Anyway, that was that, we learnt our lesson. We definitely had an early night and made it to breakfast the next morning.
We headed to Bonn for the day, and it was really a shitty day for visiting a city because it was pissing rain. Ugh! We started out at the tourism office to find a map. We got that and started out on one of the "marked" walking tours. It gave us somewhere to start and took you to the main places. Again, becuase it was Monday most things were closed. We started out at Beethovans birth house which now is also partially a museum too. That was really neat and interesting. From there, walking down a side street, we decided to venture into a clothing store. Yes, I was NOT the purpose of this trip, but it was rainy and freezing cold. My jean jacket wasnt really cutting it. So I splurged and bought myself a long black cute winter coat. And...there is fur on the hood. I never thought that I would buy a coat with fur. It does come off if I really dont want it, but its cute. I was very happy with my purchase which was only 40 euros. There were some really nice places in Bonn despite the shitty weather. We went to the botanical gardens also and unfortunately they did not have the giant lilly pads that are talked about. That night we got back to our hotel around 10 I think, either way not that late, and our little hotel man asks "what happened" wondering why we were home so early. haha! We were tired and had to get up early. We headed out to visit a castle not too far from the city then hopped on a train to Amsterdam. We stayed at my friend Annas, who was an exchange student in Winnipeg back in highschool. We hadnt seen each other in 3 years and it was great to see her. Olivia and I toured the city, Anna had class but we'd meet up with her when she was available. We went to Anne Franks house which I missed out on the last trip I made. We also went to Rembrants house and checked out the red light district. We took a canal cruise which was really neat. Listened to the explanation in about 5 languages Haha. We went to the "sex museum" which I am still asking why, but oh well. The best candy store, although the devil "Jammin'" was great times and always cheaper than I expected. The market there was also really good and I bought myself a scarf....or a couple. hehe. We spent a total of 3 nights there and on the 28th headed down to Den Haag(The Hague). We stayed at the "stayok" hostel. The first day we toured around the city, went to the MC Escher museum and took some pictures with some random statues. That night we had a beer at dinner and grabbed another for 42 euro cents at the grocery store. It was a pretty early night and if you are ever there I advise you to AVOID the red light district in this town. Olivia and I decided to check it out because the one in Amsterdam was kind of neat, but NEVER again. It was the sketchyist place ever. They probably thought we were prostitutes because we were the ONLY females walking through and all these men just looking in the windows and whatnot.
The second day there, the 29th, we headed out to Delft(where "delftware" is made - look it up if you want to know what it is, not explainin :P) in the morning. I really enjoyed this little town and we saw an old windmill which made me very happy. In the afternoon we headed to the beach. Wow!!!! Impressive! A really nice beach and a huge pier which was really nice. I'd love to head back in the summertime.
That evening we met a girl from New Zealand in our room and the 3 of us decided to head out for a drink. There was this square just full of bars and they all had tables out in the middle of the square. Right away we met a couple dutch guys and then one of them brought two more of his friends. We all sat at a table together as they were hard to get and had some beers. Everytime Olivia and I went into use the bathroom in one bar we would start busting a move. They just had good tunes playing and it had been sooooo long. Around 12 or a bit after we headed to a club. The "trojan horse". Someone had given us a flyer earlier and why not go, we wanted to danse. It was definitely a GREAT night. The guys we met were super nice. My consensus on dutch people is that they are so nice.
That night when we got back to the hostel, I ended up not feeling so well. I guess I didnt really realize how much I was drinking. Oh well. That night the clocks changed back. Olivia and I had both though we changed ours and woke up in the morning at 9:10(by our watches) to get breakfast. Little did we realize, it was 8:10. Grrr, I was a hurting unit. We headed out around 10 to Rotterdam and had to wait till noon to get into our room. We met a Canadian there while waiting and the 3 of us headed out around town. We saw the famous "cube" houses. They were neat. We chilled at the skatepark and just watched for about 1.5 hours. Some of those people are amawing. We returned home after a day out and showered. Met another Canadian in our room and then decided to all do dinner in the hostel. Easiest idea. At dinner we met 3 other Canadians. We all ended up hanging out in the hostel and then met 2 Aussies. A few of us split ways and I went with a bunch of ppl to the skatepark where we ran around in the half pipe and then went to a bar for a bit. It being a Sunday night, not that great, but oh well. The next morning Olivia and I split ways and I went to Antwerp for the day before heading to Lille France where I met up with Crystal(another Canadian assistant). I spent the night with her, then toook the train home. Before the train I saw my friend Mathilde who I met when I went to highschool here back in the day. It was nice to see her, although it was tooo brief. I met up with Caitlin in Paris and took the train back with her to Chateauroux. We grabbed a drink with some other assistants and then had dinner at Lauras place. I spent the night there then made my way back here to La Châtre. So there you have it....that was my trip! Such a great time!


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