Thursday, November 17, 2005

With a bad day comes a great day!

Well, yesterday I had a not so great day. It happens to me from time to time, but I think that it is normal considering everything. I get over it and all is good.
Today has been a great day besides the fact that I still have a sore throat (that started yesterday) and I didnt get the best sleep last night despite this new pillow. I think that compared to my other one it is just so big and I get a sore neck. That is not fun in the morning. I was super tired this morning and not overly thrilled to have to teach. But off I went to class. I had 8 girls that are in the "secretary" stream of school. It was my first class with them. I met the entire class last week and everyone was very nice and there was even a girl that is 21 in it. So today class was at 930-1030. After class the 21 year old (who wasnt in my class this week, but next week) was outside the room. I stopped and chatted with her for a few minutes. She is from Cambodia and has been living in France for 4 years now. She is very nice and asked for my number and told me that she will invite me over to dinner at her house next weekend because I will be in Paris this weekend. She has an English friend who lives here in La Ch√Ętre(married a frenchie) who she has talked to about me as well as her "husband", yes she is married, and they all want to meet me. I am soooooo excited!!!! I can't express how happy I feel knowing that I am going to meet ppl that are about the same age as me and just be able to chat and enjoy an evening or afternoon. She is such a sweetheart. There was another student there while we were chatting and I felt really bad for her because she said that the other students make fun of her and dont like her. She has epilepsy and has a slight paralization(if that makes sense) in the right side of her body. She is a sweet girl and its sad to think how young people can be cruel. I know it happens everywhere, but I still dont like to see it. I have noticed it in one of my other classes too, where the one girl seems to be left out a bit. I just want to take those kinds of ppl under my wing sometimes.
Anyway, just had word that I might have to be observed in one of my classes. OMG....i dont want to do that. I will be sooo unbelievably nervous if someone is sitting in on one of my classes especially if it is a stranger. Ugh....I cant do it! hehe, I just better know ahead of time and have a damn good lesson plan ready for it. If not, all i can say is uh-oh!!!!
Saw some of my other students in the halls today. They are just soooo cute! One of the guys says to the other when he doesnt say hello to me, something along the lines of, "buddy arent you going to say hi, its the assistant" hehe!!!
Today is a good day and I know that there is more good than bad, but sometimes on bad days I just cant help but focus on the bad. I keep trying!!!!
Oh man....a funny thing, that kind of made me say "uh-oh, what did I do that night" was today going to luch with a couple teachers and the one (not sure if i know his name) says to me "how's it going" then says to the other teacher "we ran into each other in Poitiers". SHIT!!!! pardon my french, but unless it is the one person I think it was, then I dont remember but even if it was the person I think it was...still feel like a bit of an idiot. Just thinking back to that night. Oh well, nothing I can change now and I had a GREAT night!!!! Did NOTHING wrong. Just drank and chatted then danced up a storm on the dance floor. Goot times!!!!
hehe, there is a guy i see in the hall wearing a purple scarf. Would any of you guys back home where one???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no purple scarfs for me

snowman pajamas are a-ok though


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