Friday, October 28, 2005

Quickie!!! hehhehe

Oct 28/05 2123
I just ate the best mcdonalds sunday ever, ok, maybe not ever, but in a damn long time. Sittin in The Hague Netherlands in a little asian internet place here with Olivia 2 over to my right. We just went for a snack and stopped here. It was too early for bed. I cant wait to fill you all in on the entire vacation. Stayin here till Sunday then to Rotterdam. I have spent way too much $$$ but oh well, it has been fun. Anyway, within the next wekk, I will update!!!!!


Anonymous Mitsuko said...

NO way man, Erin! ur in Neatherland eh? I'll be there within next 2 months or less than that! it's great to hear that you are doing great there!
so excited to get to see your updates when you get the next chance: )
I'm still thinking of visiting you this December!
have a great time during your trip!

12:59 AM  

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