Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Trip Part 1 (well, day 1 - haha)

Home safe and sound in good old La Châtre! Well, I made it through my first French holidays as an assistant. Imagine, having a 10 day vacation after having not even worked 40 hours. Well, technically I had 3 weeks done already, but barely worked.
Anyway, I left La Châtre on Friday the 21st of October and headed into the city. I spent the night there at Caitlins. She had a bunch of the assitants over for the night. It was a blast sittin around having some drinks and chatting.
So, my train to Paris left Saturday morning. I almost missed the damn thing, because Im stupid and looked at the time schedule booklet and NOT the ticket. I thought the train was at 11h50 but it was at 11h42. Luckily I realized and started to run, and also luckily it was a couple minutes late. I made it to Paris got the metro to the other station where I was to wait for Olivia. In the mean time there I saw a guy with the Canada flag on his pack so headed over to say hello. We chatted for a bit and I helped him get some hostel info. Yipeeeee my french came in handy!! hehe
I finally met up with Olivia got on the train and we were OFF to Cologne (Köln). I started out sitting beside a german woman and her "cute as a button" son. They spoke NO english or french. I eventually moved to Olivias car and we played some cards and chatted. Arrived in Köln around 8, got of the train and went to find a place to stay. Standing in the station, I turned around to face the windows and BAM cathedral in my face. Definitely an amazing building! So we hit up the tourism office who found us a cute little hotel for 40euros 5minutes from the train station. We headed over there to drop off our stuff before headin out to find a beer. We arrived there, greeted by the CUSTEST little old man ever. He was the night shift man. We relaxed for a few and then off we went for what turned out to be one of the biggest adventures I have had in Europe since I arrived. We wandered around, and found the shopping area. OMG...wish I was made of money. Anyway, we found a big tent with a festival so we decided to check it out. It was a Turkish/German festival, or something along those lines. We took a walk through and found a little carpted area where everyone took there shoes off before walking on (including children) and they all sat around smoking hookahs. Haha, that was pretty hilarious. We continued on our hunt for a beer. Saw a couple places, but they didnt really call out to us, so the walk continued. We finally found a street with a few bars. We loooked in a couple before makin our decision. The one we decided on reminded me of BP on Clifton hill a little. They had that dance groove game, and it made me laugh at a few ppl I will leave annonymous. You know who you are :P So we sat down , prolly around 930PM, ordered a couple beers and chilled. Next we upped the size of the beer. Oh man....eventually we decided to order a pizza. Mmm so good, and only 4.70. This old man was looking at us most of the night. Probably partially because we were speaking English. Anyway, a couple guys came and stopped and talked to us. They eventually sat down with us and chilled. Ok, so the one guy was definitely a little too creepy. The two of them had never been out together, and I would advise the nice one(Philipp) that I was talking to mainly, NOT to go out with the other again. I went to the washroom at one point which was downstairs, and when I came out the creepy guy (I dont know his name) was standing out there waiting. "Wierd" is the first thought that came to my mind. Anyway, I stopped and talked to him and told him lets go upstairs when he tried, (or asked memory is a little fuzzy) to kiss me. I was like "hells no" and told him lets go upstairs. So we started walking and he stops at this race car thing and asks me to just have "one minute". Yo, buddy did you not hear me the first time....i said NO, get lost! I was ready to hit him where it hurts! hahah, yes i have some take down training. So we went back upstairs and sat at our table. Thank goodness he wasnt sitting beside me. Anyway, next thing you know this guys hittin on Olivia. CREEP! So she went to chat with the old guy. I went over for a second with her and we chatted. He supposedly has a brother in Kitchener or something. Kinda funny. So anyway, the time at the bar pretty much ended after she had a coffee with that guy while I chatted with Philipp. I dont think his girlfriend was a big fan of me. Her and her friend were there too. I had NO intentions, just having a friendly convo.
So we headed out from there around 130am or so and wanted to get a phone card. We found a store around to and bought the WORST phone card I have ever had in my life. In the store we met a few Americans. They left but one of them came back in to ask if we wanted to grab a beer with them, so we did. The two of us really did NOT need another drink, but oh well. So we hung out with these two guys and one girl, all americans in the army, livin in germany. I got myself a little souvenir and we headed out around 3 or so I think. We ran into some more ppl in the street on our walk home. They were super nice german dudes who couldnt find there car. We chatted for a while and had some little man telling us to be quiet. In the apartment above we could see something going on in there. Next thing you know, this guys comes to the window, naked we think, asking for a blowjob. Oh man...people are wierd. We all had a good laugh. We continued on our way till we found phones, around 430am and attempted to use our 10 euro phone card. The payphones were askin for more money. What a piss off. I was yellin at the phones and everything. So we continued on our way and tried one more time in the train station. Some nice German guy from Aachen tried to help us there. We chatted with him and his friends for awhile. They had been in Köln to party and were waitin to take the train home. Off we went back to the hotel.
It is now 530am when we ring the bell at the hotel and our little old man comes to open it. The first thing he says "you got lost". He's so cute! He thought we got lost in the city, but we told him no, we were just out. hehe.
Headed quickly upstairs to our room to find our nice comfy beds with great down filled blankets on our bed...and off to sleep around 6am. Zzzzzzzzz!

OK, so as I was writing this I had to change the title! I realized how long day one was taking, that I had to split this up. I will work on it again tomorrow and probably friday too. hehe. So here is PART 1.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey erin, it sounds like you had an amazing time. that is so great. i cant wait for parts 2 and 3. you got some mail today. a returned letter from antoine and some bank info.
I am so jealous that you are traveling around, while i am writing midterms. why did i decide to go back to school??? hehe anyways, keep the blogs coming.

love ya,

7:57 PM  
Blogger Ashpanash said...

Hey erin, looks like everyone had a blast this toussants!! looking forward to the rest as well!

5:48 AM  

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