Monday, December 05, 2005

Another weekend done....

Only have 12 more hours of classes before the holidays start! WOOT!!!! Unfortunately those 12 hours are spread out over toooo much time and I am not done them until 1230 next Friday the 16th. There are only 20 days left till Christmas as of today which is GREAT!!! Well, its not like Christmas is going to be normal for me seeing as I will be galavanting around Spain, but it will be something different and memorable. I cant wait. Have looked into so many things Id like to do while down south. Too bad it wont be that hot, although it is curently around 20, so I am assuming it will be somewhere around here when I arrive in less than 2weeks!!!! And before that I am going to see MITSUKO!!! Yipee!!! I cant wait to see her!
Other than that, I had a great weekend. Thursday afternoon went out for a "drink" - coke in this case with one of my students and just wandered around town a bit. Nice break from everything. After my classes on Friday I headed off to Bourges with Manola, one of the english teachers for the afternoon. We had a nice lunch at a chinese restaurant and then walked around town, looked at shops etc. When I got back to La Ch√Ętre, Lucy and Caitlin were already here waiting for me. I met up with them, we got some groceries headed back to my place had dinner and some drinks - beeer in this case. We watched the semi finals for the girls on Star Academy 5 then went out to the Kilkey for a drink. Everyone was pretty tired so we never made it to the Amazon, too bad, I would have liked to go. Next time.
Saturday we slept in late then made our way out to do a little tour of the area. We headed to Chateaumeillant and Culan(where there is a castle - closed unfortunately) and then they dropped me off and I met up with Sophal. Her and David(her husband) picked me up and I went over there to eat dinner and watch the Miss France. hahah.
Yesterday I pretty much did nothing besides buy a couple of train tickets for when Darcie comes to visit. And today....class. First class was good. Had fun with the girls. Second class, good too! Talked about Christmas today. And I realize that with this class, 1e STG, which I was never a HUGE fan of, I have to do my lesson and reward by chatting in French for a few minutes at the end. I was actually happy at the end of this class. Plus, some of the students invited me to go to L'Amazone, unfortunately I will not be here that day, its the day I leave for Spain.
I headed to town to get some money, needed to add meals to my card so I could eat. hehe. On my way back into town a couple girls came upto me, my students, and asked me to go with them to the Amazone the same time, the 18th with them. I told them I would love to, but it is not going to happen this time and I promise I will go next time. The one girl just celebrated her 18th birthday this past weekend....ahhh, remember when you turned 18. WOW....that was in 2000 for me. haha!
Anyway, life is grand! Was going to head to see Olivia in Bellac either tomorrow or Wednesday, but not sure if I really feel like going anywhere, though I should because I know I will get bored around here. We'll see what Im thinking later. Off for now to try and find a computer that lets me check my email...I hate this one and a lot of times the ladies in the library tell me to use this one....Grrr. Oh well, ta-ta for now!


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