Thursday, December 01, 2005

The life of an assistant in a small town

Well, this week started out well! I chatted with a couple of the teachers in the staff room, ones that I hadnt talked to before! They were very nice, game me there home and cell phone numbers and talk about inviting me to dinner. Even if it doesnt happen the thought is there. Plus the one was telling me how they are having some students from italy come in april and they will be going on some little day trips and that i will have to join. WOOT!!!
My classes all went fairly well. I talked about travel and we played bingo where the kids would win some "canadian" candy like sweet tarts, nerds, taffy, runts. Im sure the students have talked with other classes so they all know i have candy. Anyway, I had one class that was too chatty so we never finished the game. The first kid that was ready to leave kinda waited to see. I just kept packing up my bag because I didnt want to give them candy. They werent good! Didnt deserve it.
I headed to see a movie that night and just relaxed. On my way home I walked past this couple and their dog. It was funny because the woman yells out "Snoopy" calling her dog! haha
I havent gotten up to too much Tuesday, yesterday or today. Had two classes on Tuesday morning and havent had any since. I find that here my classes have been cancelled alot. I mean, i have two weeks left and tomorrow(friday) and I only have 17hours of class until the holidays. Oh well, getting used to it now. I have 2 hours tomorrow morning then my week is done. Hard life! They finally have all the Christmas lights turned on in town! It made me so happy and cheerful yesterday when I saw them. I am going to have to get out there and take some pictures soon. Too bad there is no snow to go with them.
One of my favorite teachers left a CD in my mailbox yesterday for me to listen to. He is a sweetheart!
Got my ticket for Spain and all that is ready to go. Still trying to work on the hostels for Paris for when Darcie comes(for new years) but it'll all work out!
I am in the library at the school. I was chillin beside one of the students I have had only once and we chit chat the odd time when we see each other. He invited me to go out with him and some others at 345 for a drink. I have no idea where, just that I am meeting him at the front then. I wonder what these kids are going to drink....alcohol or not??? Dun dun dun!
Tomorrow I am heading to Bourges at 1130 with one of the English teachers for the afternoon. Its supposed to be a really nice city and the cathedral is supposed to be amazing. Caitlin and Lucy may come out to La Chatre, but not too sure yet, still waiting to hear back.
Printed out my forms to register to vote via special ballot for January. Trying to do a little reading online about all that is going on, because I really dont keep up too well on all of that stuff.
Anyway, i need to go get my winter cooat, cause I usually just put my spring coat on seeing as I dont have to go outside to get to classes and stuff. Also drop some stuff off that I dont need to take with me. Cya!


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