Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I know, I know

Well, I know that it has been FOREVER since I have written but A) I don't have the internet at home yet (still) and B)I have been lazy. So where to start....seeing as over a week has gone by, I don't know what I have done. Well, last week I had Thursday afternoon off. Seeing as we had gotten paid the previous week I decided to go out for the afternoon with Becca to the shops....oops!!! Ok, I didn't spend that much, but I am not like I used to be when it comes to shopping (though yes I am still not going to spend 70$ on a pair of jeans). I needed some clothes, especially dress pants seeing as some of mine don't seem to fit me anymore. It seems that I have lost some weight somewhere along the way since the end of May...and usually this would be a good thing for people(and it is for me in a sense, because I was getting a little chubby back there) but my clothes are starting to hang, and this is NOT a good thing.
On Friday I don't really remember what I did....obviously nothing too exciting. I think I started to tidy/organise my room. Saturday I just cleaned the apartment and my room. It was a nice day off and on....that night Jenn had a bunch of us over for some pre-drink and then we went to the club (Salle des Coffres). It was a fun night....the funniest part I think was when we went to the washroom and some chick came up to Becca to tell her that the ass of her pants had split. It was quite funny. We all(3 of us) piled into the toilet to try and fix the damage. It was pretty bad. The seam had split all the way to her crotch. I had a god laugh as we tried to safety pin them together. Late night again....we didn't get there till about 1h15 and left around 3h30. It was fun, though someone burnt me with a cigarette.
Sunday was a beautiful day!!! I had work to do and needed to wash my sheets. So I ended up sitting on the balcony all afternoon enjoying the sun and tried to work (while my stuff was drying). It was a good day.
My classes this week have been going really well, for the most part. That is a great thing. I had yesterday off so I rode around on my bike doing errands. I had to go get my stuff done for my "carte vitale" (health card) and then to pick up forms for housing aid(hope I can get some help) and some other errands. I love being able to ride around on my bike. Tomorrow I have the day off also, maybe I'll go for a more "pleasure" ride opposed to just riding to town and school. We'll see. I have a few things I want to do tomorrow.
I don't have too much planned for this weekend. Friday night we are going out to celebrate Liz's birthday. Saturday I would like to go to Bale (Basel) but they are calling for rain. Not very good. We'll see what happens.
The holidays are getting closer, just over 2 weeks....time seems to be flying by.....and then I will be heading to La Chatre. Should be good!!
I have been doing really good with my money which I'm excited about, even though I have done some shopping. I am trying to save for my ticket for will be all good.
Well, I think that's all for now....wanted to add a photo, but its not working...grrr


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