Monday, October 02, 2006

Interesting train ride...

Sunday October 1, 2006 16h48
Well, I’m on the train right now on my way home from Bernard’s. Our train is an hour late now due to the fact that someone on the train had a heart attack and died. That really screwed things up for me. (Sounds mean, but it’s true). I will miss my connexion in Paris and have to wait for the next train, which I pray I do not miss. Already I am supposed to get into Mulhouse at 22h40 and now won’t be there till about an hour later at the earliest. I don’t want to pay to take a cab home, the tram is good enough for me provided it is still running at the hour I arrive.
I had a good weekend in La Chatre. I arrived on Thursday night and Bernard picked me up from the station. We didn’t do anything that night as he had to work the next morning. On Friday I went to the high school to see people and join for lunch. I met the new assistant and she seems sweet. We did a bunch of things around town that she needed to do and then we went to Manolas for “gouter” at 16h00, and we brought the cakes from the shop. MMMMM….so good. That night Bernard and I picked up Nicole and we went to the London’s club. The night was pretty good. Stayed out fairly late. I think Nicole enjoyed herself. Saturday was such a lazy day, though I think well needed by both Bernard and I. We went and picked up some food from his parents around lunch and then we decided to watch some Simpsons, though both of us fell asleep. We ended up sleeping for a couple hours. That night we went to his sisters place, and I brought some candies for his nieces. Then we went to some friends of Bernards place as they just moved. We ended up staying there pretty late. It was alright, though not exactly what I would have chose to do that night. Their daughter is super cute. All his friends kids are adorable.
Today we didn’t do much as I needed to get a few things prepped for classes and I had to catch the train. Late as usual though I didn’t miss the train. Next time I am going to be prepared well in advance. Especially leaving Mulhouse. I am very bad at being late(except for classes).
I am in the train and there is this girl that keeps looking at me, maybe because I am on my laptop, I don’t know, but it is annoying.
Only 26 days till the holidays now. YIPEE!!!! I will be going to La Chatre for atleast part of them, though I don’t know what I will do for the second part. I have one week, well 9 days. And then 7 weeks of class till the next set of holidays. Haha….like I’m counting already.
Well, I am going to leave it at this for now, Cheers


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