Thursday, September 14, 2006

Finally an update

Monday September 11th 1:21am
Well, as I have been sitting on my computer for quite some time now rearranging photos I thought that I would start typing a quick blog before my battery dies.
There is a storm right now so I get to see a bit of a lightening show. I should be sleeping now. I have a busy day tomorrow including grocery shopping first thing in the morning. It better not be raining.
I got to Mulhouse last, after a long journey from La Chatre. It wasn’t as long as it could have been as Bernard drove me to Riom (near Clermont Ferrand)…lucky for me I have a sweetie boyfriend.
Anyway, what I have been doing the past two weeks….
I arrived on the 29th of August and Bernard was waiting for me at the airport. I was so happy to see him. We went out for lunch and wanted to do a little walk in Paris but the weather was crappy and it was raining, so it ended up being a car tour. Can’t win’em all I guess.
We got back to La Chatre that night….I was exhausted. The next morning I was feeling a little sick and stayed in bed till about 14h30, then got my ass in gear to run a few errands. We were leaving the following day for holidays. Stopped in at the London’s Club (local bar I frequented often) said hello to Francky and Rod.
Thursday morning….off to the “Pays Basque”

Thursday September 14th 16h29
Well, my battery died and therefore I had to stop writing, plus I was tired.
I really need to get on the internet, I hate not having it at home. Hopefully we will have it soon enough.
Anyway, back to my holidays…We went to Capbreton in the Pays Basque. We stayed at an upscale camping place. There were brick bases and the tents over them with beds. I’ll try and post a picture.
We were there for a week. Our tent was about 5minutes walk to the beach. We just had to cross the parking lot and go over the dune. At night all you would hear was the waves. It was very relaxing.
I got a nice sunburn one day….not unlike me. I was sure to pile on the sun cream after that. We did go up a couple mountains. One day we went up the Rhune (spelling….I’m to lazy to verify) on a little train. It was 905metres high. Wild horses and sheep all over. We also went hiking around another. We found a neat little lake between them. We went to San Sebastian(Spain) for an evening as it wasn’t very far. We also saw Biarritz. It was a great week.
We went back to La Chatre on the Thursday. I got to see a few friends and went to the school to see all the teachers. Saturday I headed out to Mulhouse. Nice long train ride….Bernard drove me to Riom which is just outside Clermont Ferrand.

My arrival here was alright. Heather picked me up from the station and brought me here which was very nice and appreciated a lot. Sunday I didn’t get up to too much especially since most things aren’t open. I met with Claude(prof) on Monday and I started my classes on Tuesday. I have taught 3 of my own classes (2hours each) and 1 class at the Chemistry school for extra hours. I have one more at the Chem school tomorrow and more of my own. I have my schedule all the way till Christmas almost. I work a lot between now and the first of November but after that it’s fairly light. There is also someone that is looking for a English tutor so that would be good, make about 20 euros / hour. Who knows.

I am pretty exhausted right now. I have been feeling a little lonely here in Mulhouse. Sure there are other lectrices, but I just don’t feel like it is the same as it was with the other assistants last year. I don’t know. I just feel down and a little sad. I hope that will change soon.

Well, I miss everyone at home. I am going to go use the internet and hopefully post this message. As well, I need to go to the grocery store.
I’m off, cheers!


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