Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to work

Well, I started back to work last week....if you can consider working 8 hours really work. I don't have a lot of hours at the moment, thankfully I am on salary and not per hour. haha. After the toussaint holidays it looks like I will probably be working quite a bit more which will be nice. I am also working in another department this year which will add 2hours/week for me. I know it's not much, but it's something. And it's paid well. :)
I have met all the newbies(lecteurs/lectrices). It's been nice getting to know them, going out for drinks and whatnot. It's a fun crowd. On Friday I went to the pub to meet them for happy hour and ended up going home around 11h30. hehe. Fun night.
Also on Friday I took the bus out to Fessenhiem to see Bernard. Not a bad ride. We went and saw a house(EDF housing) that is more or less ours when they move out. For now it's a waiting game. It should be mid-October....I'm anxious to have a "home". It is a single floor, with a huge basement(not finished, they do not really have basements like we do in Canada). There are 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, family room and dining room. It's spacious. It will need some cleaning and some rugs (in my eyes). Maybe some paint in some places. There is a big yard that will need some tidying also. It wouldn't be my first choice in homes if we were really looking, but it's subsidised housing and we don't have a lot of choice.....we are not made of money. Just nice to know that soon we are going to have a place.
This weekend we went out for Miriam (a newbie)'s birthday. We started out with a bar crawl and finished at the salle des times. It was a decent night, though we found out yesterday morning that there was a bad ending to it for Ross (newbie). He got mugged and held by knife. Scary scary.
Yesterday Bernard and I went for a hike. It was an organised one in Munster. There was also a little festival with people dressed in traditional clothing and doing some dances and food. Mmm. We did the hike, about 6.5km and then enjoyed a glass of wine with a plate of cheese. mmmm. It was so good. Great day with great weather. Have to take advantage of the nice days while we still have some.


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