Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, it's been a long time again since I have written....guess I've gotten into a bad habit.
I've got back to France, gone on vacation and am now back in Mulhouse, so I guess quite a bit has happened.
When I got back to France I spent about 2 weeks in La Chatre. I did go with Bernard to his "stage" thing outside of Lyon for a couple days. It was long days for me as I had to leave the room when he did which meant around 8 am. I spent my days in Lyon bumming around. I guess it was better than sitting around La Chatre. Haha. In my eyes I have more or less mastered driving stick. I drove the car into Lyon a couple times by myself and didn't have any problems. Yeah me!
We headed on holidays on the 25th of August for 2 weeks (I am going to put that in another post, as I wrote most of it on the road) and then came back to Mulhouse on the 9th.
I am staying at a friends place right now. Bernard is on training in Fessenheim (about 30km from Mulhouse) for 3 weeks. After he will be transfered and we are assuming it will be mid October. As long as it is before my mom comes and we have a place to live I will be happy. hehe.
I haven't started work yet. This year is different from last year, because for the first few weeks in 06 I was working like mad and so far on my schedule, I only have 8 hours for next week and 6 for the following....I am taking on some lessons in another faculty. Just 2 a week but it will be good I think.
Alright, so my life at the moment is not that exciting....I did cut my hair....
signing off....


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