Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, another 3 weeks has gone by and here I am, still sleeping on a couch waiting for our house. It's almost time....getting anxious.
So what has happened since the end of September. Bernard and I went back to La Chatre the last weekend of September. It was busy busy running around and all like usual....6hours of driving for 2 nights is not a lot. On the Saturday night it was his cousins 20th birthday party. (typical that both family and friends are invited) It was in a hall and there were about 60 people. I met some of the family which was interesting. It was a fun night.
Last weekend we went and looked at car, but that didn't work out. The guy was a little sketchy and his story about the car just didn't seem that good. On the Sunday we got up reasonably early and headed into the Vosges (mountains) to go hiking. We packed a little picnic and off we went. It was beautiful weather and the leaves have started changing. It made me happy because it reminded me of Thanksgiving, that I was missing back home.
Finally this past weekend we managed to find me a car. YIPEE!!!! I haven't got it yet, but we are hoping to get it at the end of next week. It's a VW Polo. I will try and post a picture once I get it. I am actually so excited and impatient to get it! And on Saturday we celebrated Liz's birthday (it's her couch that I'm sleeping on). Great party!
This week Bernard is in Lyon for training and we will be getting keys to the house next week. Unfortunately that doesn't mean we will be moving in right away as we have to wait on news from the movers...and what that means, is wait for them to give quotes and then Bernards work to decide which one is the cheapest and then see when they are available to move complicated. It's been such a long frustrating process and both of us can't wait to just get in the house and be able to enjoy it and each other. It's been stressful and I think once we are in and settled we will both feel better.
My mom is coming in 11 days. Can't wait for that. Should be a great visit. We are doing going to take a cooking class....1 week. Should be lots of fun.
Well, I'm off.....can't wait to get my car!!!!!


Blogger Leah said...

Stopping by and wanted to say I'm glad to hear things are going so well! GL with the house and new voiture.

3:34 PM  

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