Saturday, October 01, 2005

I have lots of time right now....

Well, it seems by the amount of posts I have done here that I dont do too much else. As of late, its probably true, but that will change, i think. Today was pretty good. I met with JP for coffee, I had hot chocolate of course, and he gave me my schedule. There is one more hour I will have, but Im not sure when. I will ask Florence when I see her tomorrow. I am going there for lunch.
So here it is:
Monday 830-1030; 1130-1230; 14-15(2-3)
Tuesday 830-1030
Wednesday NOTHING
Thursday 930-1030
Friday 830-1030
So, I dont even have 12 hours. I'll have 10 once I talk to Florence. I guess I cant really complain about only getting 1100dollars /month. Thats like, 27dollars/hour. It just doesnt seem like a lot overall, but breaking it down, woohoo!
I think next weekend for sure I am going to get out of here. Unless I meet some people around town, which today I saw some ppl that could be about my age...but I didnt want to just walk up to them and say "hi, do you want to be my friend". haha
After I met with JP I walked around the market and then went to Manolas for lunch. One of her friends joined also. It was a nice afternoon. I was there till about 4 and she gave me some books I can read. Yipee! I then went to inquire for a cell phone again, but to get an abonnement (english - contract, subscription??? - oh man, this is bad) you need to have either a cheque or your bank card and i dont have either yet. Grrr. I am going to get this instead of pay as you go because it is a lot cheaper. The cute guy S├ębastion has been very helpful. I told him I would see him in a few days. hehe. Maybe he wants to be my friend. I shall go see him again in a few days, haha!
I got a few groceries also, but I ran into Stephanie the german girl, and she cant go out tonight so I will be stuck here. Boo! I just dont want to go alone. I think I should ask the cell phone guy what there is to do here and then maybe he will ask me to go out with his friends. Haha, I dont know how old he is, but I would say mid to late 20s. Maybe I am wrong.
Anyway, I really want to get this stupid cell phone. I just dont know when I am going to get my card or cheques. If I dont have them by Monday/Tuesday I am going to have to go to the bank and ask. I'm impatient a little. I want the phone before I go to the orientation. Oh well, we'll see.
Today one of the students added me. Blandine. She is so cute and her english is good. She asked if her friend could add me too. It is one of the guys in the class, I think it is Sylvain. I was so excited to talk to them. They spoke to me in english and with Blandine I just rephrased when she didnt understand, but with Sylvain I spoke a bit in French. They are soooo young though. It should be fun this year, once it gets started.
Last night I remembered that I had a Canada Flag with me. I had forgot because it was in a bag with other things, so I got it out. I tried putting it up with push pins, but they dont work too well with cement. Anyway, there are ceiling tiles so I stuck it in there. Yipee! I also have a Canada beach ball I blew up. Its becoming more like home. I put some pictures on the wall, although I wish I had more. Oh well, its all good. The nights can be hard because I am alone and I think a lot about home and having people around me, but I know that Ill make it. I want to be here. I am happy, just miss things/people, you know. :p Keep in touch, tell me about your lives. :) Keep smiling...I will :)


Anonymous Tara said...

Hi Erin!!!

Bobbo and I love you and we miss you and we want to send you all our love....hope you are having a wicked time...and I'm so jealous that you are getting to eat wicked french food!!! Lots of Love,
Tara and Bobbo

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie, Rich here...your favorite brother-in-law. HAHAH! I am so jealous that you are there. Did you here we will be there in a little over a month. Hang in and then we can have some fun. Can't wait to drink wine with you..Rich

4:08 PM  

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