Thursday, October 20, 2005

One more day then holidays!!!!!

Well, I have 2 more hours of class to teach this week and then it is holiday time!!! 2 more hours to make a total of 5 hours work this week. Yes, I may not be making a lot of money each month, but I am making a shitload for the amount of work I do. And to think that I get the same amount of money no matter what even when there is 10 days of holidays. This is the life!!!! Well, ok, maybe not exactly, but this is my life right now.
Tuesday I finished at 930, checked my email and ended up taking a nap. I felt so lazy, but I had NOT slept well the night before. That afternoon I took a little tour around town. I found myself staring in a basement window watching some men working at the pastery shop. This was great. The one man was making every individual chocolate one at a time, and the other was making these chocolate mousse pyramids. It was so great. I could have stood there and watched for hours. I left for a bit and returned. They noticed me and said hello. I passed by there again today, and the one noticed me. I think after the holidays, or tomrrow if Im out I should talk to them. I just can't ever picture seeing this happen at home. Anyway, this day I also saw the hottest guy I have seen in France yet....imagine, in La Ch√Ętre....I was excited!
I headed in to Chateauroux for the night. Chilled and had dinner at Caitlins. Had crepes yesterday at her place....SO good! Came home last night and relaxed. Today I didnt have class so I slept in and went to town for a bit. I went to check out what kind of activities there are to do in this little town. There isnt too much that catches my eye, but I think I am just going to choose something and try and get involved in it and hope to meet some ppl.
I was sitting in my room about to have some tea when my phone rang. It was Laura, one of the assistants from Chateauroux. Her and Lucy(another assistant) were actually in my town so we met up for a drink. That was so nice!
Anyway, tomorrow I am going to head into the city. I start my holidays and after WAY too much debating, I am going north. I will go to Cologne and Bonn Germany then to Amsterdam where I will meet up with my friend Anna(who is from Germany, was an exchange student in Winnipeg) then head to The Hague, Rotterdam and Brussels. I have a friend joining along for the trip. Well, I call her a friend but we have yet to meet in person. It should be good though, looking forward to it, and looking forward to seeing Anna. It has been 3 years. So if you dont hear much from me it is because I am on vacation. I will return to the school on November 2nd/3rd...hope to get on the internet somewhere before then, but if not, it'll be the 3rd for sure. Keep the email comin. Miss you all.


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Hey sis! All this talk about the bakeries...I think you should become a baker! ha! I can't wait to sample some treats in France (even if my waistline contests it)! Remember to get some good spots in France from teachers/friends....Rich & I need to plan our adventure!

Miss you!


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