Monday, October 17, 2005

Another day of Work, another 3 off

Well, if you want to know what it is like to not work and not go to school but still make a little money, then here you go. And if this is what it feels like to not work 40hours/week, I actually would prefer the 40hours. Yes, too much free time is not that great! Maybe it would be if I had someone here that had just as much and could spend it with me. Who knows. Yesterday was a beautiful day here. Actually warm. I went out in jeans a tshirt and a longsleeve zippy, which was quickly tied around my waist. I could have worn some capris. I know that weather isnt going to last though. Anyway, I took tons of pics, which I will have to upload soon. Ill look into that before I head out for my 10day vacation starting this weekend. Oh yes, that is right!!!! I get 10days off. I barely started working, and already Im going to head out to tour around. Woohoo! Anyway, back to yesterday. I took well over 50 pictures. There are lots of little picturesque spots around here and some interesting looking things. I am sure some of them will get deleted, but I have lots. I stopped in to a bakery that was open to treat myself. The things looked delicious. A big chocolate thing, mousse inside. I asked for one, but the woman heard 2 and I didnt really want to say no. I dont know why, but anyway...I ate one last night, and OMG......HEAVEN!!!!! I dont know what could be better than this.....i dont think ANYTHING could be! SO GOOD! I think I should eat the other tonight! Today I had 2 classes this morning, went pretty well I would say and then the afternoon ones were cancelled because the grade 10s were going to see Ray. I joined them to see it. Its such a cute little 2 story theatre. So cute!!! By the time I got in pretty much everyone was seated. Some boys in the back row started calling to me to come sit with them. Im sure my face went bright red. But I went and sat with them. They were very happy. Glad I could make someones day. :) Hey, I have come to the conclusion that I can be friends with these 15/16 year olds. Better than having no friends right?! I have no other intentions at all. AT ALL!!! hahah, though some of them are cute. hahah, if only they were atleast 5 or 6 years older. Hahah! I may like'em young but for sure not that young! haha, anyway, thats my life. As the title says, I have 3 days off. Well, I have a class tomorrow, but its done by 930 or 1030 and then I dont have another until Friday at 930. So....I think I may go to the city tomorrow. I could go elsewhere, but not overly in the mood to make plans. We'll see tomorrow. See if my good old American pal will allow me to crash on her floor again. hehe Thanks to Caitlin I have been able to enjoy a bit of the city life!


Blogger Stacey said...

i have been crashing at a friend's place in poitiers quite frequently as well. sometimes i just need to see people who aren't under 18 or over 40. but my town is nice, the people are friendly, and i can't complain too much. let me know if you do want to take a trip over to poitiers. we could meet up.

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