Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Almost holidays!!!

Well, I figured I better blog now before I head out on Friday. I had a great weekend! Friday afternoon I went to Florence's (the same one I went to dinner with the night before) place for a quick tea before she had to be back at school. She dropped me off in town and I headed to the grocery store. First off, for those who dont really know, French people stare a lot. Sometimes to the point where you feel awkward. While I was in the store I noticed some guy and he was looking at me. I looked at him and smiled while I was walking through the aisle. He was in line at the till. He kept staring so I headed off to another aisle away from the tills. I was looking at some stuff when this guy comes up to me and says "can I ask your name?". So sure, I reply "Erine(with a french accent)" Then he says something about be having really nice eyes. I asked him his name then stuck my hand out to shake his. Oh, look at that north american come out in me. That is something that is not really french. I felt like a bit of a tool after that. And then, I didnt know what to say so I say "Im Canadian and Im the assistant at the highschool". Then he apologizes, I have no idea why and then tells me a bit about him. All in all very funny yet awkward. Oh I forgot to mention I told him about my big debut in the paper. haha, I am such a loser. Oh well, off he went and I finished my shopping and headed to the till. He was just finishing checking out and he was with some chick. I had a smile on my face becuase I was giggling to myself about what happened. He smiled at me and it was pretty funny.
That night I did not do too much. I just chilled here. I was sitting on the internet around 7 getting ready to head out cook some dinner watch some tv etc. Guillaume, the teacher I mentioned way back in the day that kind of creeped me out a bit came into the computer room and then another teacher. We all chatted and it was nice. They left and a little bit later Guillaume came back to ask if I wanted to do something with him that night. NO THANKS! Sorry, that sounds really mean, but Im not interested. He ended up sitting here chatting with me for like 2 hours which was fine except he kept asking me to do something. Then he makes some comment on how he is attracted to me etc. I found out he is 31 years old. Nice guy, but something about him just, i dont know, seems off to me i guess.
Saturday I headed off to the big grand old city of Chateauroux! Hahah, for those of you that dont know this city its not that great of one. Anyway, it is great when you have friends there. We all headed over to Nadine, Karen and Emanuela's place for our Christmas Festivities!! It was a great night. The wine was flowing and the snacks were plentiful. There were 16 of us there and each person bought a gift under 5€. Everyone had to sing a song to get their gift. It was a lot of fun. Great night!
So far this week, I have not done much. Yesterday in the restuarant "pedagogique" (students make the food - like part of their schooling), which we the teachers go to every monday instead of the cafeteria, we had our "Christmas" lunch. Oh the typical French Christmas meal starts with fois-gras (however that may be spelt). Well, I took the big step and tried it. No thanks, I'll pass on that one next time. Other than that it was a great meal. Tonight in the canteen we had our Christmas dinner there which was good and we even got a can of pop which you never get. We only get water with meals. On Thursday at lunch there will be yet another Christmas meal! Woot!!!
Anyway, Friday I finish at 1230, I have 3 classes and in the last one the teacher and I decided we would do the class together and just watch a DVD. Easy!! hehe! After that I will catch the bus and head to Chateauroux then Paris to meet up with Mitsuko (my Japanese friend). Then Sunday off to Spain!!!! Let the holidays begin. Spending 7 nights in a resort hotel near Marbella (in the south) with some day trips to other cities and then upto Cordoba, Salamanca and Madrid I think. I cant wait. When I return from Spain on the 29th I will meet Darcie at the airport and we will spend a few days in Paris, including New Years and then head off to Amsterdam and Brussels. I am looking forward to the holdiays! I cant believe they are here already. Where has the time gone??
Well, enough from me here, take care and MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Doll,

Have a great trip and a holidays. I cant wait to read about and see all your pics when you get back.

kisses, (helping you bring to Canada)

3:40 PM  

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