Friday, December 09, 2005

"Only in a small town"

Well, I just had my "interview" for the newspaper "L'Echo du Berry" (if Im not mistaken) on what I am doing here in La Châtre. I have to say Im sure that this doesnt happen to very many people especially those in big cities. He took my picture too so I will have to keep my eyes open for the issue with me in it. Luckily I believe it is a weekly paper so I wont have to check EVERY day. So we'll see how it turns out. I felt a little silly, I have never really had an interview for the paper. Been in it for skating enough when I was young though.
Well, this week has flown by. Tuesday I met up with Sophal and hung out for a little bit in the evening. I headed to Bellac on Wednesday morning, arriving there at 2. It was nice to get away for a bit and see some other places and other people. We didnt get upto anything overly exciting which was just fine with me. It was just chill. Yesterday I started heading back home with a stop in Limoges. Stayed there for a couple hours before catching the train to Chateauroux. I liked the city. There were several parks which I love to just sit around in them. Dont know about night life but has good potential! I got home around 1815 and watched friends before coming to get the key to internet, pick up a package I received(THANK YOU so know who you are) and go to dinner. I ran into one of the english teachers. She and her husband are such sweethearts and have been very welcoming with me. Anyway, she invited me to her place right then for dinner instead of eating in the canteen. I didnt want to 'disrupt' (i dont know the good word to use here in english) her family etc( je n'ai pas voulu lui déranger). Well, we headed out, me with my package in hand to her car. She called her husband with my phone to let him know that me and another teacher were joining. To the grocery store we went where we ran through grabbing a few things. Her son is such a cutie. He is seven and loves Tim Burton. He is super creative loves to draw and create monsters. He gave me a picture that he drew and i promptly stuck it on my wall when i got home. We had a great evening just chatting and enjoying each others company along with some typical French wine! Great evening. Before heading out they brought me in a gift. Totally unnecessary and soo sweet. Her husband owns/runs the cinema town that I love going to. So they got me a book of Movies posters(adverts) from the 90s. It was very nice of them.
Well, that's about all. Life is great! Just going to chill here tonight, watch a little Star Ac, which I had completely forgot about and eat some salt & vinegar chips (mmm...cant wait...Ms Vickis (if i can spell correctly) woot). I am going to walk into town and get some wine I think and bread for dinner. Tomorrow if Im up Ill go to the market before heading to Chateauroux for our "christmas shindig" which should be great fun! Cant wait! Only one week left of classes before the holidays begin! Cant wait!!!!


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