Friday, January 06, 2006

Gibralter for a day!

Well, Tuesday....ahhhh Gibralter! We headed out on the bus to Marbella to catch another bus to La Linea from where you walk across to Gibralter. Of course we were late and did not make the direct bus. So instead, me being completely determined to get there wa headed to the tourist office to find out other options. The same old man was working at the tourist office when we arrived. He was super friend was again as he was the day before so I thought it would be nice to give him a little Canada pin. Then he asks me "can I give you a wet kiss". I look at Ashlie thinking, what the hell is that supposed to mean. Well, thankfully it just meant a kiss on the cheek. He told me that next time I should go back along. ahhhhh! Off we went to the bus station. From there we caught a bus to Algeciras then from there to La Linea. We crossed the border where once again, no questions asked for customs and no stamp givin and then had someone offering a tour of "the rock" which is ultimately the country. After discusing the pros and cons for about 10 minutes everyone finally said yes on dishing out the 22€ for the tour. We hopped into a little mini van all 5 of us and the guide and off we went headed up the rock. We stopped at various points and although it wasnt the most clear day, we still could see the coast of Africa. As we are on our tour our little guide was very informative. He was born and raised in Gibralter where there are about 30,000 inhabitants. He told us that the rock is "as hollow as swiss cheese", speaking about all the tunnels and caves that are in it. We did a tour of the caves which was awesome. There is even a concert hall inside which is pretty spectacular. The sound in there would be amazing. We headed up higher on the rock where we got to see "the monkeys". I even got my picture taken with one on my head. I fell in love with the monkeys. They were so cute. Saw a few of them fight and it was hilarious when one of them used Ashlie as a tree and jumped on her back. Ashlie Olivia and Leo were scared of the monkeys, haha, and got trapped up on the stairs because they were surrounded. Our tour guide decided to pull out his secret weapon (a toy snake) to scare them off, but they all ended up running up the stairs towards the 3 of them. They weere all screaming. It was pretty hilarious if you ask me. We walked through the Great Siege Tunnels which was dug in 50 weeks if Im not mistaken by men. On the way home we tried to catch the direct bus but didnt make it so again transfered through Algeciras. Great day. Loved those monkey.


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