Friday, January 06, 2006

The holidays begin...Mitsuko & Erin take on Paris

So on December 16th, the day I finished classes for Christmas break I made my way to Paris to meet up with Mitsuko. It seems like forever ago, which I guess it kinda was.
My train was late getting into Paris that day and I was worried that Mitsy would be lost in the station looking for me. I had met some man on the train with whom I ended up exchanging numbers and I hurried onto the metro and made my way to the other train station. Well walking up from the metro my phone rings and it is Mitsuko. Thankfully her train was late too and she had just arrived. We checked into our hostel near La République where the only problem in our room was the fact that the window had to be propped shut with a chair. We had a shower and toilet in the room so that was good.
After relaxing for a bit we headed out to grab some dinner. We ended up at an italien restaurant (I know we are in France, but decent prices and good food) got dinner and some wine. After that we headed out walking towards the Opera. From there we headed down to the Concorde (obelix), up the Champs Elysees and then to the Eiffel tower. We hit up the grocery store on the way, grabbed some wine and snacks. It was a super nice night out. We sat down on the Champs Elysées eating chocolate and people watching. We were siting on the bench when these two guys passed. I smiled and they kept on walking. They turned and looked back so we smiled again. The continued walking for a couple minutes and then came back to us. They each took a picture on their camera phones with the two of us. It was quite amusing because we really had no clue what was going on.
The next day, we headed out to find a market in Paris. We hoped on the metro and took it to a stope where we believed there would be a market, got off and started walking in the direction of the "market". YIPEE!!!!! We found it! It was awesome. We discovered a nice little area of the city that neither of us had seen before. I bought some clementines which still had the leaves attatched for some reason or another and we continued walking. We met the most ignorent Canadian ever. An embarrassment really I thought. Mitsy and I were getting crepes at this little store/restaurant when we met this guy and a Mexican. The guys decides to order and not make an effore even though the french words were right infront of him. He was very demanding and rude that I forgot he was Canadian. I saw it from the French peoples point of view I think. I just think that when visiting another country it is nice to make atleast some effort, and maybe that is just me but, you can always find out how to ask if they speak your language instead of just assuming that they should speak it. We headed to another market and then through Luxembourg Gardens and stopped for a hot chocolate/coffee. We just got food at the grocery store for dinner and ate in our room while drinking some wine. We put it in a water bottle and took it to go as we made our way to a bar where we were meeting some people from couch surfing for a "meeting" ( - if you are interested in knowing more). There were already lots of people there but it was really nice to meet people and chat over drinks. We went for a bite to eat after then Mitsy and I headed home. I had to be up at the crack of dawn the next morning to catch my flight to Spain. On my walk to the metro at 630am I crossed a lot of people just on their way home from the bars. Quite funny actually! Great weekend. I wish I could have spent more time with Mitsuko seeing as it had been 1.5 years, but oh well. We will see each other again soon!
That night, Saturday


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