Friday, January 06, 2006

Spain...where the mullet lives on

Sunday morning I met up with Ashlie, Olivia and Arthur at the airport bright and early around 8am. We made our way to check in and got on the plane. It was a decent ride and the food (breakfast) was good! All the flight attendants were male which made up ladies happy! We got in around 11 am to Malaga and while waiting to get our luggage we saw some guy with the Canada flag on his backpack. We debated whether or not he was truely Canadian and called him a poser most definitely loud enough for him to hear. How embarrassing! Then we were arguing over who would ask him where he was from. Wow, that's so immature, but I was part of it. Eventually he said something to us. He was more so a mutt then a pure bred Canadian like myself, but I give him some credit that part of him is Canadian. Off we go to figure out where the hell we are going. We ended up hoping on a train headed to Fuengirola which was about 15km to our hotel. From there we just decided to take a cab, though we should have taken a bus and saved a little cash, but oh well that was easiest. The 4 of us made it to our hotel which was awesome and relaxed for a little while. We headed out to the grocery store to get some stuff for dinner. Arthur went to watch a football match and me and the girls just relaxed (I think). Leo, the 5th of our group was on a late flight and arrived around 1130pm, after getting a ride from some family he met during his travels (flight/mini bus to plane) who were staying at our hotel. That worked out nice for him.
The second day Ashlie and I got up reasonably early and headed to the welcome meeting for 10am. No one else got up, but oh well. After we headed into Marbella which is 16km further(opposite direction from Fuengirola). We figured out the buses and off we went. We wandered around town there, checked out the beach, a couple of us put our feet in (kinda chilly). We also went to Puerto Banus which is at the other end of Marbella. There are some amazing boats there from all over including Turks & Caicos. This was one of our less eventful days but still tons of fun!


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POSER!!! POSER!!!! POSER!!! oh shoot he heard us....

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