Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday is here

Oh how computers make me mad sometimes! I just had a post written and when I want to post it, it weny bye-bye!

Anyway, Friday is here! I dont know why I am saying it like it is such an exciting thing seeing as I started my weekend yesterday at 1030 am. Oh well! Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in the staffroom chilling, Rémi and I were looking through a recipe book that has been sitting on one of the tables for quite some time now. We were talking about typical french dishes and then Rémi started telling me about some pastry called a "religieuse". I had no clue what he was talking about, didnt know what it was and had never tried one. So at that he said we were going to get one and off we went. We hopped into his car headed into town to find a "religieuse". He treated me to a pastry and a couple candies. Seeing as yesterday was a fairly nice day (and the weather has been crap here for probably 2 weeks, I dont remember the last time I had seen a sunny day here - in my town) we sat out on a bench enjoyed our pastries and chatted. It was such a nice unexpected afternoon. Its people and gestures like this that make me truely not want to leave here. There is a difference between colleagues and friends.

Well, I didnt have any classes today. I am going out tonight with some friends but it is only 14h25 and I have all afternoon to do something. I dont know what to do with myself. I was going to go to see Stephanie, but she is not feeling well today. I think I may head out go for a walk (I should grab my camera). The sun is peaking through and its about 9 or 10° out. On my way home I'll grab a few groceries then watch Un Dos Tres...this is like my replacement tv show for everything I am missing back home. :) Ciao


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