Friday, March 03, 2006

Sinus headaches are no fun

Well, I caught a cold on the holidays and I havent been able to shake it. It's mostly been that I have to keep blowing my nose and I cough. So basically a sinus cold. I havent gone to the doctor yet, but I did go to the pharmacy and get something. It's gotten worse the past couple days with these headaches. They are right at the top of my nose and up into my eyebrows. Not very comfortable if you ask me.
Anyway, I thought I had class right now, so I got ready for class and waited for about 15 minutes in the class, but no one. Oh well, I figure its not the end of the world.
Starting next week I dont have Friday classes. That will go on for 4 weeks. Then starting the following week I will not have classes on Thursdays and that will continue for 3 weeks. Therefore during 3 weeks, I will only have classes on Monday and Tuesday. I will have 7 hours I think. Not too bad eh? 5 day weekend!! The only thing is, I really dont know what I will do with myself because I unfortunately money doesnt grow on trees and it costs money to travel.
I tried calling a doctor, but that didnt seem to work so well...I wish someone was here to do it for me! I think this doctor might not be around so Im going to head to the staff room to see if someone can suggest another one and/or call for me. hehe
Well, im off for now...


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