Monday, February 27, 2006

Home at last...

Didnt think I could feel so relieved coming home to La Chatre, but I did! It was a long GREAT 2 weeks that started in London! I headed out here, spent a night in the city at Caitlins and then met up with Lucy to fly out from Poitiers. Found a place with the worst hot chocolate ever there. I finally met up with Luke and his friends around 9pm on the 11th at a restaurant after a long tiring travel day. I hate travel days, though it is part of the adventure. It was a pretty relaxing stay in London got to see some sights, though I had already been to London I had never seen the changing of the guards so I got to do that. I met up with Lucy one day and did a little walking around town. It was nice to be in an english speaking country and great to see Luke again.
From London I headed to Turin Italy to meet up with Ashlie and Hayley for a little Olympic Game fun. Fun is for sure! Fun is definitely what happened there! I got there the night of the 15th and met up with the girls, Vincenzo our couchsurfing host and his friend. We dropped my bags off at his work so we could go for a little tour of the city as well as sit down and have a drink. It was a nice relaxed evening. Vincenzo had bought us each a 1-day transport ticket which was really sweet of him. His apartement was nice as was the fresh sqeezed orange juice the next morning. We all headed to our next couchsurfers house that morning to drop of our stuff and Ashlie and I went out for a little city tour. There were so many people out and about there it was great. We stopped at a couple bars on the way to the bus stop to have a couple drinks before the game. We made our way home, put tatoos on painted our faces and headed to the game. Canada VS Germany! We finally made it to the game! We were in the 7th row behind the net and the funny thing was that 2 seats over were the canadians Ashlie and I had met on the tram earlier that day. It was unbelievable how many people were there, how many Canadians were there supporting! It was definitely a great experience, one of those that stories will never be enough to explain how amazing it really was. Here is my advice to people: "Never take the extra tube of face paint with you if you plan on having a drink or'll end up all red...including your clothes". After the game we ended up in the beer tent, which we didnt know existed until we got there. So many Canadians so much red and white! Ron MeLean was at the game as well as Kelly (cant remember his last name) and I got them to sign my Canada Flag! Random moment of the night: running into someone you know....that's right, Brandon from Laurier. Ashlie and I had climbed up on the blocks to dance to the music and soon as I got up there and looked out in the crowd, I saw a familiar face! From the beer tent we went to a bar. It was a lot of fun, met a lot of fun crazy people throughout the night. It was so much fun until about 4am or so when I realized my wallet was gone. That was not fun, and thanks to a wonderful Canadian and a great American I got help cancelling my cards. It was quite the adventure with a cold ending seeing as we didnt wear our coats to the game (silly us).
Well, because of the wallet I made us miss our 8 am train and were not able to leave tilll the next morning at 8am. Hayley and I ended up getting our money back which was the best news of the trip by far. We took it really easy our day stuck in Turin and then headed to Annecy to do some skiing in the alps.
We got to Annecy with a few hours to spare before Guillaume was going to meet us. We hit up the laundry mat and got some food. Guillaume was super friendly and welcoming at his place about 45minutes from the city and about 20 from the ski hill where he works. We ended up spending 5 nights at his place and spent 4 amazing days skiing in the Alps. I had waiting to do that, and so glad I did. It was like heaven skiing there. The scenery was just amazing! We had some good wipe outs skiing, the all time best was when I bailed looked up to see where Hayley was and saw her bail, ski came off as well as the boot. The inside sock part was still on her foot though. It was quite funny to see ski and boot 10metres away from her sticking out of the snow. I had to ski down to get help because neither of us could get her boot back together. I have never seen so many one piece ski suits in my life. EVERYONE had them! Ok, not everybody but a good number of people. The all time best were the yellow ones and each time we saw one of those we yelled out "BANANA" because that is what they looked like. It was quite an amazing adventure. We were at the hills by 845 every day and skiied till around 5 then had some "vin chaud". Great experience and stayed with a great host!
From there I eventually made it to Paris after some frusterating money issues. I met up with Sabine and Florien for a couple days. Nice to see her after 3 years! Did a little tour of some things in Paris and saw a little play at a small theatre. I then went to Brunos to stay with him for a night and go to the Couch Surfing meeting. Oh was that fun! Met some more great people that is for sure! Had a nice debate about Canada and Quebec with a Quebecer. Cant wait till the meeting in March. Lets leave it at this: It was one definitely AMAZING holiday!!!!! Nothing can change that!


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