Thursday, March 09, 2006

N'importe quoi

Well, on Saturday I was waiting at the bus stop in the rain. There is one of those little bus stop things to keep me from getting wet, but I sure didnt leave my place without my umbrella. I get to the bus stop, there is a girl there waiting and this woman. The woman says to me while wringing out her scarf that she is soaking wet. Then she says to me that she is going to do a "quick strip tease" aka change her clothes at the bus stop. She was halfway done ready to unbutton her blouse as the bus pulls up. She throws on her jacket to get on the bus. Well, as soon as she sits down on the bus, and in the very front seat so anyone looking in the front window can see her, she starts undressing to change her shirt. She stripped down right to her bra. Oh, what a woman....n'importe quoi!
I went into the city to meet up with some of the people that work here at my school. We were supposed to go out to dinner, about 10 of us. When I got to the city it was snowing. So that was the end of the plans we had. People couldnt drive into the city due to weather. So it ended up just being 4 of us. I met up with Lucile and then we went to Cecile Romain (her bf)'s place for "apperitif" and dinner. We didnt end up eating till 23h00 because we were having a couple drinks and snacks and got really chatting. After dinner we headed to a little bar to meet up with some of thier friends and have a drink. I had a really fun time! This Friday, tomorrow, we are going to go out to the bar/billiards that is just around the corner from my place. I am looking forward to going out with them again!
What else has happened this week...I got an email back from a girl I met at the olympics. It turns out I was not the only Canadian to get my wallet stolen in Torino. Her friend, as well as someone else they met there had theirs stolen. Oh well.
Yesterday the Photography Club had some photographer come in and show his work as well as talk about his techniques. I joined the group to see/hear him talk. We also go to go to the dark room and he showed us some of his techniques. It was really cool!!!
Not too much is going on here though...walking home from the grocery store last night after buying 3 pain au chocolats and 3 croissants I realised that I am really not ready to leave here. Yes, I know, I still have 5 weeks here, but I know they are going to fly by. It makes me kind of sad. I am finally just settled in completely and enjoying it completely. I am not ready to go.
Especially dont want to leave the pasteries! Hahaha!
Well, I am going to stop here, because I know if I continue its just going to be ramblings because I will be just looking for things to say. Not too much going on here that I can think of at the moment. Cheers!


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