Friday, February 10, 2006

On my way out....

Well, it's that time again! It's time for the holidays! I am headed to the city in an hour pretty much all packed up and then tomorrow to Poitiers to catch a plane to LONDON! I'll be staying there for 4 days with a friend before heading to TURIN, ITALY for the Olympics! Going to see a hockey game with a couple other Canadian assistants! Its going to be a blast! From there I will be headed back to the french side and go skiing in the Alps, which will no doubt be amazing! I am soooo excited for this holiday. Dont have much time to report in, though I should leave a word about last night.
Last night there was a party/dance for the 'internes' aka the students who board during the week. I wasnt planning on going, but when I was on the pay phone kids would walk by me to go to the toilets and telling me I should go in. I got off the phone and was about to go in, but they happened to be playin slow song so I waited a few, cause I feared Jonathon. I made it in and hung out with the 'surveillants' aka res people. Some of the girls kept harrassing me to dance, after refusing multiple times, I finally gave in and busted a move on the dance floor. I was really itching to do it, but seeing as they are my students and the res ppl were around I didnt think it was a good idea. The res ppl got a kick out of it and even took pictures! haha! Anyway, it was a fun evening for the most part. Glad I want to see what it was like. Very similar to our 'highschool dances' though only for the kids that stay at the school.
Well, I better get going here, clock is counting down. Need to do last minute packing and whatnot! May or may not post while away, more likely on the NOT side, but oh well, take care everyone and bonnes vacances!


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