Friday, January 27, 2006

Finally the weekend

Well, I guess it is sort of like I have 2 weekends per week these days. Usually I only have Wednesday off, but right now until after the holidays I will have Thursdays off too. So yes, I work very few hours. You think that you would love it, but when alll your friends are working (and/or you live in the middle of nowhere) and there is not a whole lot to do, it gets quite boring. Yea sure I can say it is my fault for not trying to get involved in things, but oh well. I will probably not have another year like this for quite a long time unless I decide to do it again next year.
So on Tuesday I went into Chateauroux to see Caitlin. Planned on staying one night, though that turned into two. Tuesday night we didnt do a whole lot. Just chilled and chatted, had some great laughs..."you have to like me". Wednesday we had a girlie shopping day...I havent done that in a long time and I ended up spending more than planned, but I did finally find a pair of black boots that I have been trying to find forever. I also got a sleeping bag which will help in my travels! I finally after over a month saw some of the other assistants. I had not been into the city since before the holidays so hadnt seen any of them except Caitlin and Lucy because they came out to see me.
Again this weekend, tomorrow, the two of them are headed out to goood ole LA CHATRE!!!! It should be a fun evening as we are planning on heading to "the Amazone" my local night club which we have yet to visit.
Well, Im off for now, going to a teachers place for dinner!


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