Friday, March 10, 2006

I smell like a cigarette

Bon, la soirée était super! Although I smell like a cigarette and I DO NOT smoke. I really dont want to leave this place. I just got in from a GREAT night out in LA CHATRE!!!! Who woulda thought it! Each night is better than the previous, each weekend is better! I dont want to leave here! I had such a great night out with friends and instead of trying to leave during the weekends, I think I may try and go out with them. Sure I had a couple drinks, but that lets me relax and chat and enjoy. I saw some of my students out tonight. At first, I thought " oh man....this is going to be interesting" but there was one that invited me to play darts, and we chatted, he is super nice. We chatted(shoot the shit) which was nice. I met some new people hung out with friends! I had a great night, minus the cigarette smell. Oh well, GREAT NIGHT!!!!


Blogger Ashpanash said...

Im glad you finally noticed!!! I meant to tell you earlier how bad you smell but i never had the heart!
hehe jokes... getting you back for your comments about me not updating my blog!

5:11 PM  

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