Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lovely wake up....

Well, I got quite the wake up this morning. Sure it was 10h20 but still. I did NOT enjoy hearing the fire alarm going(though just a test which I forgot to check the time on the poster in the staffroom). I did not really know what it was at first because it is a little different from those at home. I got up, went into the hall then realised what it was. I quickly threw on jeans a sweatshirt and shoes, forgetting about undergarments. I am glad I slept with my contacts in last night!
Yesterday I didnt get up to tooo much. The weather here is finally nice. The sun is shining and though it is only between about 8 and 10, me guessing, it is beautiful out. Its been like this for the past 4 or 5 days. I went to Lise's for dinner last night which was delicious and a fun time.
The students here are on strike AGAIN! Oh France, makes me laugh. I think I will head out into town for a bit. I may go sit in the park and read for a bit. It's a nice day out and I should profit from it. Going to Poitiers on Saturday with Lucy and Rosy. Should be a blast! Trying to figure out if I will go somewhere tomorrow or not. No class, thought some of the students I had on Friday mornings want to have class with me again so I am going to probably do a couple classes with them before I leave, for those who want to come, because I will not force anyone because I didnt always enjoy having the students that didnt want to be there.
Off for now!


Blogger Liv said...

Hey, I read back a little and I'm happy for you that you've made friends in your town. Mine still sucks as always! I think I met Lucy last week, I met someone from Chaterault or however you spell it, last Wednesday, in Poitiers. She was very nice. At least they post when they'll have a fire alarm at your school. They don't let us know, once my roommate was in the shower when it went off. That sucks!!! We had one last Tuesday, during one of my classes. I wasn't annoyed at all. Ttys!

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who in their right 'english' mind says that they will 'profit' from the lovely weather. You are turning French on us!

10:24 AM  

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