Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Officially getting paid for almost nothing!

Well, I can't believe how many classes of mine can get canceled in one week. Yea, you heard me....I feel like I dont work. Yesterday 2hours of mine got cancelled and today one of my hours is cancelled. I have worked a total of 4 hours this week and my week is now done. How am I going to go back to a 40 hour work week when I get home?? This year is almost like one long holiday. Haha!
Well, I started this post on Tuesday after I finished class, around 10h45, for the day and for the week. It was a good day. My first class was terminale (grade 12) and I was marking them on a practice oral exam. I had 3 students. That hour went well. The second hour I had my class of 2nde(grade 10). We were working on their Shakespear reciting. Fun times! I really like some of the kids in this class. I asked who was going on the England trip and told the others they were stuck with me and a couple of them said that is why they arent going. hehe!
I told them that after the holidays I was going home and someone asked me to mail a postcard. Hehe! I said I'd bring in my camera next class to take some photos and one of the boys said that he is going to try and remember to bring his in too. hehe! Someone also said they like listening to me speak french because of my accent. hahahaha!
In the afternoon I headed to Nohant, a town 10minutes from here, where there is the "George Sand" house. I went with a French teacher who was going to give a guided visit to a class of 6iemes(grade 6) that was from some other town. It was really neat to see, and a cute little town. I didnt take any photos so I will have to make a little trip back there. Next week I will be heading to some other thing with another class and the same teacher. I'll have more details later. All for now!


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