Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Oh hell...

pardon my language here, and in my last post for that matter.
So yesterday I went to the movies with the students. There are usually only about 5 students that go but this week there was about 30 so the woman that is responsable for the students asked if I would accompany her in being responsable. Sure, of course. The movie was Angel-A by Luc Besson. It was hard at times to follow because of the speed they spoke French but I got most of it. Anyway, dont need to tell you about the movie, but there was this one student I was chatting with, I thought nothing of it until we were walking home...I think he may have been hitting on me. Ahhhhh. This is NOT good. He asked me for my # which I never ended up giving him, he told me about his past girlfriends, asked me my age, and invited me to watch a movie with him and his buddies tomorrow(Wed). I think he thinks I am going to school here, which clearly I am not, but I am teaching. When saying goodbye he gave me the french kisses too.
This morning bright and early on my way to make a couple photocopies who do I run into in the halls??? Yea, that is right....Jonathon. He said he was looking for me. Great....then walked with me and asked for my # again. I gave it to him but I think that he must have typed it in his phone wrong because he said he was going to send a text so I had his #, but still havent got it 3 hours later. Oh well...


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