Saturday, October 15, 2005


Well, so far today....I went to the market and wandered around. Ran in to some English people and overheard some Australians. It was fun. I can be nosy that way as long as they dont see my Canada flag pin on my coat. I had some lunch and got ready to go to the shooting range.
Its 6pm here, I got homa about an hour ago. I really enjoyed myself at the range. It was outdoors, and fairly simple. I shot a revolver and a glock(spelling?) for all you customs folk out there. I used some of the knowledge I learnt. At the start I wasnt that great, but on the target I did manage to hit the bullzeye. Also, was pretty good at knocking the other targets down. I was proud of myself, and the teacher was pretty impressed also. It was fun, and I will probably go with him again in the future. Tonight, off to the Kilkey, Irish Pub with Stephanie, the German girl. Should be good I hope, I'll let you all know how my first night out in La Ch√Ętre is!!! Eeeeee


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