Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A couple classes done, and almost orientation, woot

Well, It is Tuesday! I am on this computer for teachers in the library and it wont allow me to check my email nor log on to msn. I am going to go use another one after I post this. To finish off my weekend, Saturday night I didnt do too much. I think I probably was on the net for awhile and then I watched some TV and went to bed. On Sunday I went to lunch at another English teachers house, Florence. She picked me up at noon and took me to her place, which is in walking distance. Anyway, I had lunch with her family. Her husband, son and step son. It was delicious. Of course there were some things I wasnt into and avoided, tuna and paté, but it was a good meal. After Florence and I took her son and nephew, who are both 7 for a walk along the river. It was not the nicest day, but decent. It was a nice walk and nice because I hadnt been down there yet. I got home around 5 or so. I didnt get upto too much else that day. Yesterday was really my first day at the school. I got up and was ready for 830, which I didnt need to be until 930 so I tagged along to class with Florence just for fun. I also tagged along with Denis. I didnt do too much, had about 4 hours of classes including those 2.
I ate lunch at the caf with some of the teachers. I went with a math teacher whose name I am unsure of. He was super nice. And last night for dinner I ate with Natalie who lives part time in the room next to me. She lives about 350km from here so she stays here 2 or 3 nights per week.
Today I got up bright and early again, did I mention I HATE MORNINGS! I had one hour of class at 830 with JP and that is all for the day. I was supposed to have more, but there is a strike which some of the teachers are participating in(the happen often here) so no more today. I went and got my cell phone today. YIPEE!!! I have a phone. I dont have the # with me, so I cant give it to you now. I'll get it when I change compters to check my mail.
Tonight I am going to Chateauroux, the city, for 2 nights. Tomorrow is our orientation at Chateau de Chambord and the bus leaves at 545 am from the city. It will be a long day, but great to meet people. Hopefully I will find something to do this weekend. If not, I spoke to someone and no more sneaking around with the key to the "parloir" where I use the net. I was told I can keep the key over the weekend. Yipee!!! Anyway, I think that is all for now.


Anonymous amber said...

hey babe,

glad to hear that things are going well for you and that your to do list is getting completed. hehe. the house isnt the same without you. much less chocolate!! if you want more pics, just let me know and i can get them printed for you and send them over with anythign else you want/need. what is the mailign address there? i will send another email to your hotmail account, with more updates about me. keep the posts coming, i love reading them. miss you bunches!

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey hot stuff...your sis here! I think I am in absolute shock that you got up so early! That is not at all like you!

Rich and I can't wait to see you soon!

4:12 PM  

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