Friday, October 07, 2005

class after all

Well, there was a little error on the time table for me. I was supposed to start at 930 not 830. Anyway, went to a few classes today. Didnt do any on my own, but I will next week. I have to get an OLP song for the class to listen to. Any suggestions on a song that is easy to understand what they say??? Leave me some suggestions please!!!
One of the boys asked me about going to the disco here in La Ch√Ętre. hehe it was funny. I am looking forward to actually working with and getting to know the classes. Should be good, i just hope I can get them talking. Anyway, I dont have much more to say. Going to head into town for about half an hour quickly before I head to the city. I will take the bus around 6pm tonight. Be back Sunday, and Im sure ill have some adventures to write about.


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