Friday, October 14, 2005


Well, it has been a few days since I have posted, I really havent felt like posting, but I know I should or I will forget what has gone on. I think I left off on Monday....after the first day of class ugh...Tuesday morning, first and only class...830am. I only had 3 students. They will have an oral exam in English at the end of the year. That was fine working with them, although I feel like its a long time when you only have 2 students. It went better than the first day.
I had Wed and Thursday off, well, basically Tuesday too, and I was feeling a little lonely. I thought about going to Poitiers, but in the end just spend Tuesday here lazing around and then went to Chateauroux on Wednesday morning. I stayed at Caitlins and we didnt really do that much, just relaxed watched a movie and chilled. It was nice to do just that with a friend. That night we had dinner at her place and then Jessica, her american roomate who was an assistant there last year also had 2 of her french friends over for dinner. We just hung out around the kitchen table and chatted. It reminded me of the "19 Elgin" days, for all of you who know about those. It was a great evening, speaking both French and English because Sebastion and Guillaume both speak the two. It was a fun night. On Thursday Caitlin had classes, so I just went out shopping and walked around the city for the afternoon. It was a nice day also.
Today, Friday! Well, I had to be up around 8:00 because I had class at 930 and i had to print and make photocopies. I had 2 classes and they went SUPER well. I was sooo happy. I actually enjoyed it today. I mean, sure there were the moments where it felt like the students really didnt want to be doing what we were doing, but was good. I did an intro activity to know all ov their names and then the previous week some of the students had asked me to bring in music from my favorite band. So I played a song, Clumsy, OLP and had them fill in blanks. It went pretty well, and I left with a smile on my face. I saw there teacher after and she had class with the first group of students right after me, and they told her that it was great. So that is reasuring.
I had lunch at the canteen and chatted with some of the teachers, shared some maple syrup candies with them, which they enjoyed. Then I chilled in the staff room. Benoit came and chatted with me. I dont really know him well, just started talking to him recently, but he is very nice, seems fairly young. He teaches shop, like wood working. He was explaining to me all the different types of things they do. For all of you that dont know, which should be almost all of you because I havent mentioned it to many, this school has a "vocational" side to it which consists of various woodworking things. They make instruments, design woodflooring, restore antique furniture, make doors and windows etc...I dont remember what else. It really impressing what the students do. Anyway, I went over the the workshop part with Benoit and another teacher, but I forget her name. They showed me around and I met another one of the teachers over there. His name is Guillaume, seems nice, not sure how old, im bad at guessing but maybe mid 30s, anyway, when i was leaving he said something about his #, i wanted to just keep walking, but that would be rude, so i turned around and said "pardon". Then he asks "do you want me to give you my #". What am i supposed to say to that, really....i mean, seriously, how much of an asshole would i have looked like if i said "no, its ok". So Guillaume gave me his # and i went on my way thinking no need to worry about him for awhile until I see him again. Later today..........I am heading out to the store to get some bread....when who do I run into in the hall but Guillaume. For all I know he was searching for me, haha!! So, I said hi, and said I was going to the store, he says to me as we walk outside that he is going back into the work shop and I should stop in and see him....oh goodness....think Erin think....say something, I said to him "we'll see, not sure how long I'll be in town, maybe". Then he says to me, "so when are we going to see each other/get together". I know....I have no immediate plans of getting together buddy....something about you gives me the, I say nicely, "I'm not sure, I might be going into the city today tomorrow so I'm not sure" and he says, "well we have to find sometime, because I want to do something with you". Shit shit shit, thats all that is running through my head, I can't not call the guy, but I dont want to call him....I have to see him around the school....but if Ii call him, what do we do??? I mean, its not like I'd be keen on going to his place or even out for dinner for that matter. Oh, just thought of what I could, thats it.....its public, and doesnt have to be long and if I went in the afternoon i could say i had dinner plans. Good idea Erin!
Well, that is my little adventure. NO, I did not stop by the workshop, I had groceries, and no desire to do so.
This weekend I thought about heading into the city as Roise(Brit) is having a dinner, but I am going to go the market and then to the shooting club with one of the English teachers. At night I will meet up with Stephanie, the German girl and go to the pub with her and some others(students) for the evening. I though I better do that because there is a chance of meeting ppl around here and I can go to the city whenever. So thats whats going on. Keep emailin, love to hear from you all.


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