Thursday, October 06, 2005

Been to the CITY

Well, I just got back from the city!!!! WOOOOHOOOO! It was a decent time. I got a ride from JP on Tuesday afternoon to Chateauroux to the IUFM(like a teachers college) where I was staying for 2nights. I met the assistant there who is from Tenessee and then Kenny(US) from Argenton(small town also) came too. We met up with some other assistants for dinner/drinks. I had salmon and fries. It was soooo good. There were 3 british girls and one american, Caitlin who I have been in touch with via email. It was a great night with some english speaking people. The WALK HOME...oh man, this is a story! Well, it was Laura Kenny and myself. We walked through the old city and as we walked past a bar some guys said some stuff to Laura and I. We didnt say much, kept walking. Some guy started to follow us, calling after us. Finally he started running after us and then says "look at me/respond when i am talking to you". He is now right behind us and says to Kenny "im talking to you". He is yelling and then threw a punch at Kenny. It was pretty scary. He was drunk. His friend came and got him after we were yelling at him to stop. Thank god, nothing too bad happened. Kenny was ok, head was a little sore. Getting up the next morning at 430am was HELL. We had to be at the train statin (30 minute walk) for 545, that is when the bus was leaving. So almost no sleep, seeing as i couldnt get to sleep the night before. When we got to the station most of the other assistants were there. Not just english, but german, spanish and italian also. There were about 12 of us at our stop. We then headed out to make a few other stops before arriving at Chateau de Chambord. It was supposed to be about a 3 hour bus ride. Well, around 8 or so we stopped. There was trouble with the bus. The gas tank was leaking. So we had to stop to get it fixed. That put us behind schedule about 2hours. We showed up around 1130 instead of 930. Oh well. We were divided into groups visited the castle had what on our itinerary was refered to as "lunch" and then had a little info session type thing. So "lunch"! Keep in mind, i had only had a 'pain au chocolat', croissant with chocolate in it that morning; they served us little sandwiches and bread with different spreads on them along with champagne and kir. They also served some little deserts. This was horrible because we were all starving and knew we werent getting home until 8pm. Well, that wasnt everyone, but everyone at my stop. Met lots of great ppl for various places. Got ppls phone numbers so we can be in touch.
Back in the city, 8PM. A few of us went straight to a restaurant to get food. We were starving. I got lasagna (i know, not very french) and it was delicious. Went to bed super early because we found out at the orientation that we had another day of stuff today at one of the highschools. Yea, thanks for the advanced notice. I wanted to sleep in and do a few things in the city. Boo! So this morning, up bright and early at 740. Headed out with Kenny for our 20 minute hike to the school. There we had a session on lessons and what not with an english teacher. It was good, except that a couple hours in i started feeling SUPER nautious. Finally I left the room to go the the bathroom, imagine that the closest one was all the way on the other side of the school. There was no way I was going to make it. I sat on the bench outside the room feeling like I was going to ralph. Oh...i embarassing. Thank god no one was around and it was just water. I hadnt eaten that morning because we didnt pass any shops on the way. So I felt a little bit better and went back in. Noon, lunch time. Cafeteria time! I was starving but as soon as i got in there, I had to leave. I went to the nurses office/health room. They gave me a bed and some pills to try and settle my stomach. I was sick again and slept pretty much all afternoon. I finally felt better, just incredibly hungry. So I met back up with the other students and then headed toward the station. My bus home was at 515. I went with Neha (brit) to get bread and then to her place till I had to go to the station.
I am super happy to have finally met ppl in the city. It would be nice to meet some ppl here in la ch√Ętre, and hopefully i will soon, but either way, i know ppl in the city which is only an hour away on bus, and i have ppl i can stay with there. Speaking of that, I am headed there for the weekend. Not sure what time I will head out at tomorrow, but I will stay till Sunday. I am pretty excited. Everyone is super nice. Woohoo!
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