Monday, October 10, 2005

First day...

So a little discouraging to say the least. Its hard when they really DONT want to be there and DONT want to learn english. So I started at 930, and had 3 students, age 15. Started out good, but I was not really prepared. Well, not to the extent I should have been. I thought I was prepared enough, but found out I wasnt. So tonight, I better find something good for tomorrow, I just dont know what. Their level is so low that it is really hard. We were told in our sessions DO NOT SPEAK FRENCH!!!! That is a hard thing to do when they are all staring at you with blank faces and then continue to converse amoungst themselves while you are standing there ready to leave the damn classroom. Ok, so the first class wasnt that bad. I mean sure they got talking in french and its hard to say you cant speak it when they can BARELY form a sentence, let alone carry on a conversation. So anywat, they werent bad and it was nice to only have a few so it was easier. Next class, 1130. I had 12 students. They were difficult to get working. I had prepared an intro activity and then had an article about what other than "Thanksgiving" only seemed right. Well, I made them read it and 2 of the students were really good. The others were frusterating and grrrr. Yes, I left that classroom feeling horrible. I got to the staff room and Remy was there (I think that is his name). He is SUPER nice. He is always chatting with me and very friendly and interested in me and my life etc. He new that I was very discouraged about the class and he was trying to cheer me up. It was really nice of him. He told me not to worry about it though, so I will try. I had another class at 2. There was over 15 students I think, and I was even less prepared than in the previous class. It was tough, although not as bad as the previous one. I got asked to go to the disco/nightclub with the students so hey, atleast I accomplished something. I ran into Blandine in the library after and she is such a sweetie. She was asking when I will be coming back to their class, which is not one on my schedule. Too bad, because I really liked the students in that class. I went to town to get a few things at the store and on the way home I ran into a couple students from the classes I had today and speaking in French they are great. That makes it hard. If I could, and didnt have a job I would love to just sit and talk in French because that way mine would be great. BUT I dont have that option. I must teach!
So, my "Thanksgiving" dinner.....well, I ate at the canteen tonight with some others that live at the school. What did we have...rice and omlets....some yogurt time thing and bread. I think that is it. NOT quite the dinner I would hope for on a day like today. Oh well, nothing I can do. Atleast I didnt eat alone. hehe
I am very settled in here, its just that some days I get very down and discouraged like today and that in turn makes me miss home. Not good!
Well, Im trying to figure out what I am going to do for my holidays which are FAST approaching. I would love to travel with someone this time rather than alone, but there are certain things I would like to do, although I realize I have to make compromises if I want to travel with someone. But the other thing is that I want to go for the complete holidays and not just part of. I am NOT staying here. A lot of people I talk to are going home for Christmas, it makes me want to go home. If I dont find someone to travel with before Darcie comes out, I did get an invite to a friends(from highschool in France) place in the north of France. So, we will see what happens.
Well, enough for now. I am thinking I may may make a little overnight/two night trip tomorrow till Thursday. I have a lot of time. We'll see, cause I dont have class Wed or Thurs this week. Bye!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! I am trying to teach grade nine appplied les anglais....they don't want to be there...and some are on drugs!!!! eeeekkkk!
Show em your passion.....and keep em active and busy!

6:44 PM  
Blogger GC (God's Child) said...

just dropping through again.
I used to teach a little and found that students don't seem to mind sharing something they've already written down. Have you considered using writing prompts such as unusual pictures or asking odd questions?

They also like talking about themselves. One lesson a friend of mine tried that students really liked was based on birth-order theory. She asked them to talk about their place in the family and discuss whether birth-order ideas applied to them.

Finally, they might also enjoy arguing so if you mention things that you found interesting about the news, they might want to talk about it.

12:19 PM  

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